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  1. I put together a playlist of highlights that I listen to frequently. This is one of my favorite recent releases and should be a cornerstone in any collection of the maestro’s work.
  2. Love the pizzicato strings in THE RIVER. Really excited about the new release!
  3. Blown away by the sample from “The Telephone Call”. Seems to be a previously unreleased gem. Mine is ordered!
  4. For some reason, I was inspired to revisit this fun score today, and I have to say it is still amongst my favorites of the past decade. Yes, yes, I know it is a pastiche, but it is a damn good one. And to confirm Bloodboal's suggestion above about the extended end title cue on the iTunes release, yes it is an entirely different performance.
  5. I'm in the "Oklahoma Territory" club. And I think the alternate version is my favorite. Just fell in love with this score all over again.
  6. Yes -- sorry, been crazy today. Gave it one good listen, and it didn't disappoint!
  7. I'm also in LA, and I have sometimes received shipments in one day, so we'll see.
  8. Mine shipped too. At least I have something to look forward to.
  9. Really stoked for this release! Can’t come soon enough!
  10. John Williams has made a statement. Quoted in the New York Times: Williams said in a statement Sunday that Bryant’s death was “a terrible and immeasurable loss.” “During my friendship with Kobe, he was always seeking to define and understand inspiration even while modestly, and almost unknowably, he was an inspiration to countless millions,” Williams said. “His enormous potential contribution to unity, understanding and social justice must now be mourned with him.” https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/26/arts/kobe-bryant-oscar-award.html?smid=tw-nytimesarts&smtyp=cur
  11. Highly recommended -- Wael Binali's concert pieces "Niramaya," "Earth, Plunder, Wound, Renewal, Hope," and Shaffalah Suite. He's brilliant! Also, Benny Oschmann's "The Dwarves" video game score and Hendrik Schwarzer's orchestral music for Europa-Park...
  12. "They Will Come" is definitely a major highlight of the wonderful album for me.
  13. Jay, just saw the film and read your initial assessment and you voiced everything I was thinking. We are 100% in agreement. The score is a masterpiece and I have also never experienced a film with so much fantastic unreleased music that instantly spoke to me. Man oh man we need this complete score.
  14. What a masterpiece. Seeing the film in a few days and can't wait to hear it in context. I'm just completely blown away by this score. If one were to insert "Falcon Flight" and "In the Desert" from the FYC into the OST, where would they belong?
  15. No question, Johnny is still at the top of his game. Just incredible.
  16. I have a VPN that I can set for New Zealand but it doesn't always allow me to hear new albums, and I'm not sure why that is. Sometimes I can play them on Youtube.
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