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  1. Ugh. Can't believe the finale scene's score isn't here. JFC.
  2. Happy to see there's approximately 26 minutes of Ross/Williams on the album, in addition to the suite released previously, and the end titles (so that's about 34 minutes of orchestral goodness). I'll give Holt's tracks a listen at least once, but imagine I will leave most of them off my playlist. Full tracklist and samples here: https://www.disneymusiclicensing.com/album/MTk2NDEzNS04N2FhMmI Releases 6/27/22
  3. I honestly would have zero interest in a release that didn’t include the Ross material
  4. Getting nervous -- are we going to get an OBI WAN album this week or not?
  5. Randol Bass was mentioned earlier in this thread. He really is an amazing composer, especially of Christmas medleys and arrangements. Here's a band piece in JW-mode.
  6. Apples and oranges, and anyway, impossible to judge the Centennial theme without a proper studio recording.
  7. What a fun piece! Sorry I couldn't be there to hear it live. Fingers crossed for a studio recording at some point.
  8. I want to destroy these people who talk through the entire performance.
  9. My tracking information never updated but the package arrived yesterday.
  10. Audio rip. Hoping it gets officially released soon!
  11. I give you Cameron Moody... And here he is conducting his own piece.
  12. I have the end credits and concert versions playing back-to-back on a continuous loop.
  13. how great is it that we have the end credits version AND the concert version? Now if Disney would just release the rest of the score...
  14. By “suite” I assume they just mean the 4 minute concert piece. The Galaxy’s Edge piece was also called a “symphonic suite” even though it was short.
  15. This site usually gives you a head's up of an impending release of a Disney title. Not looking good right now. https://www.disneymusiclicensing.com/albums?orderBy=original_release_date&orderDest=desc
  16. Mine has taken a circuitous route from Oakland to San Jose to San Francisco to Anaheim to LA but will be delivered today. Crazy postal service.
  17. Third time's the charm for me -- bring it on, boys!
  18. NBC just played “Dramatic Tease” after the ladies figure skating long program
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