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  1. In my playlist, I have this immediately followed by Rey's Theme, and the two work together very well.
  2. It will be interesting to find out how this is used in the park, if at all.
  3. As far as I know, the film was never even made available in high-definition, so the various rips of the end credits are very lossy. Really unbelievable how poorly this was distributed.
  4. Got mine yesterday, but because of previous commitments and a migraine headache, I have only been able to dip in and listen to a few cues. But they are stunning, and the packaging and notes look good too. I'm going to set aside part of next weekend to sit with my headphones and really take it all in. What an amazing release from La-La Land.
  5. Mine is due to arrive today (I'm in LA and ordered within minutes of it being advertised).
  6. "Disney tells EW there will be even more music for the 14-acre park expansions from Williams, who is also working on director J.J. Abrams’ Episode IX for next December."
  7. That video has been deleted... anywhere else to hear this?
  8. Huh? It has been established that all available recordings of this piece are 128kbps mp3 quality, whether on iTunes or any lossless platform. It sounds like crap.
  9. I love it, and independently noted all of the similar works you mention. My big problem is the sound quality which is very poor on all digital platforms. Someone really screwed up.
  10. I used to use this score as a sleeping pill. But I'll buy it.
  11. Thanks for the preview! Even with the poor audio, it sounds like an instant classic to me!
  12. I hope so too, but it would probably make sense to wait until a lossless version of the FYC is available.
  13. The lack of villain material is fine with me! I find the listening experience significantly better this way. How exciting that we got this for Christmas!
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