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  1. Thank you, Rough Cut! It has been a labor of love, for certain. I always wanted to create a nice PDF booklet for the suites and imagined what official packaging looked like. I love the original SE releases, and felt like that format would be pretty cool for this work. It's great to listen to them together...though I haven't listened to all six in a row just yet. The Classic Trilogy plays quite nicely.
  2. Thanks, sir. I appreciate it. I am glad this has brought something to you personally. Thanks for connecting with the work!
  3. Thanks for everyone's support over the years, especially you few who have felt like commenting lately. Looks like I missed the boat on all the outstanding praise from a few years ago. So it is with a quiet whisper I conclude STAR WARS: Symphony for a Saga. This has taken quite a few hours over the last year to complete, and life is extremely busy. I hope to work on "The Force Awakens" in the future, but I don't have any plans for even starting it. Life is a lot different than over a decade ago, and the time I can devote to hobbies like that has changed. Even in the last month, time has become increasingly difficult to come by. I haven't listened to the TFA score nearly enough to begin to tackle an edit of this magnitude. Perhaps I will one day find myself loading WAV files from the OST and FYC onto my editor...and we'll finally get a Kylo Ren concert theme... For now, I am so happy to give everyone a listen to the "Return of the Jedi Suite."
  4. This single uses the Anthology, Special Edition, Digital Ultimate Edition and a concert version of Jabba's theme..but right now I am not sure if that is Prague or another orchestra.
  5. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the sound quality. This track blends four different sources...and as week now, the mastering work on JEDI is always problematic. thanks!
  6. Thank you, rough cut! I love those sections. The Funeral March is such a great theme. With critical listening, I discovered how Empire was filled with these themes, even beyond Jedi. This is why Empire is so darn long. But how about some Return of the Jedi? Here is the new single, "The Court of Jabba the Hutt."
  7. Best yet? I certainly appreciate the praise. For a long time I thought the original Star Wars score was the best, but one of the reasons this ended up so long was because of all the fantastic themes and cues. I love this score (and film) the most. The he original cut of 37+ minutes was such a smooth listening, it was quite difficult to cut it up. thanks for the support, all.
  8. Well everyone...here is the first suite I have cut in 8 years or so. You may now listen to the super long, "The Empire Strikes Back Suite." Please and enjoy, and let me know what you think of this!
  9. Rough cut, I never got the film music to represent well for Han Solo and the Princess. I could never make it work. I just remastered the Prague performance to death and removed the theme reprise from the ending. Not much work went into that deleted track. I hate to disappoint. My my goal was always to complete more complete themes, though it was easier with Qui-Gon and Anakin & the Senator. But, I am confident you will be in love with the Return of the Jedi single. ? I will do my best to get the Empire suite out this week around Friday.
  10. Gentlemen...may I present to you, "The Perilous Ice Planet, Hoth"
  11. Any other guesses on the next single? Or are we enjoying the "A New Hope Suite" too much?
  12. Better late that never, by a few hours. Thanks for patience from those who have supported. I'm not sure if many read this...11 years ago, this project was huge, and the support from JWFan was outstanding. Thanks for all the praise over the years. It is time for some new material... ANH.Suite from Star Wars Symphony on Vimeo. Files are on the website. Please let me know what you think!
  13. Well, rough cut, I really wanted that single to be "Han Solo and the Princess", especially to mirror "Anakin and the Senator," but alas, I could not make it work. Empire is scored very differently, in my mind. So many cues end with a transition back to scenes with the Vader's theme music. It truncates some great sections, and I made every effort to get a creative version of "Han Solo and the Princess" to work. While the theme is represented at the end of the suite quite nicely, I couldn't make it work the way I wanted to for a single. The Kiss cue is a perfect example of a truncated cue that I couldn't find anything to satisfactorily extend the music with. I don't have the LSO recording of the theme, nor have I heard it. But I do have a Prague theme, which I mastered quite extensively to blend better with the soundtracks. I tried to use it to fill the gaps, but it did not blend very well at all with the soundtrack recordings. I did use a barely truncated version of that theme with a single edit at the end to cut out the short reprise, and did have that in the middle of the 37 minute version of the suite...but I deleted it. That section will be released as B-Side to the official single.
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