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  1. Shinzon's Theme in "A New Ending" is just chef's kiss perfection. I think John Williams is the last man standing who can write sweeping orchestra in that style. I used to be weirded out by the slow tempo of the TMP march in that track. Now the normal one feels too fast. Must be my old creaky bones! The old dying composer is slowing it down so he can savor his creation for an extra few seconds, one last time. If only we could do that with real time!
  2. I’ve already said what I’ve needed to say. You can get it through my post history. No need to endlessly massage it all into new posts.
  3. I dig it. You should go after your haters. Aggressively.
  4. When King Mark says this, that’s your sign of the end times.
  5. Square Escape is a really good fusion of Zimmer action music and Bond. I’ve never heard brass used quite the way you hear 35 seconds in. Surely there is some digital wizardry at work there? The brass has both bite, rapidity, and a softness that is unreal and satisfying! It’s on another plane from the usual choppy shit.
  6. Dune sucks. I've played this 4 times already. The first 11 tracks are an uninterrupted supreme listening experience.
  7. Even Hans Zimmer couldn’t conjure enough musical testosterone to balance a female Bond.
  8. I just broke 3-month music fast with a back-to-back real-world chronological listen to all 9 Star Wars Scores. They're all great, but three of them stand out as faultless, and one is on another plane in its totality. Star Wars is a breath away from perfection. It is only let down by its 1977 mixing and simplicity. The Force Awakens is a breath and the hair of a fine feline away from perfection. It's too dark and claustrophobic at times to make it an enjoyable experience. The Phantom Menace is perfection. Crisp is the word that comes to mind. The mix is sublime. The music is expansive but not so much that it feels disjointed. It's true to science fiction, dark where it needs to be, and brimming with energy and creativity. You feel like you're on a galactic adventure with this one. This is what I would take to a deserted island with me. The remaining six suffer from rambling incoherence at times. They are too ambitious, too unfocused, and start to move away from being Star Wars. If you just listen to the first of each trilogy, you get the best Star War musical experience. The three have exceptional continuity with each other (mix/mastering aside). They feel more cohesive together than they do with their respective trilogies. Thematically you basically get all the highlights of the 9 movies. That is all.
  9. Thank you all for contributing to a 60% decline in Oscars viewership! Let’s keep it going next year! 2020: 23.6 million 2021: 9.8 million 🤣
  10. So....Apple? Or [Insert Multinational Company Doing Bidness in China]?
  11. If you had said this in 2008 I think you’d be wrong on the 10 year horizon at least.
  12. You’re right, animation has developed quite a bit. I suppose I would ask: are we just so good at this now that there isn’t much more we can do to dramatically improve the cinema experience? Another 200 billion dollars is going to just get you diminishing returns on the blockbuster front. The Lucas dream of an Indy movie Renaissance just hasn’t panned out either.
  13. I can’t. I can tell the difference between a 2004 movie and a 2008 movie, only 4 years apart. But not 2008 to 2020. It all looks the same, it all sounds the same. Even TV is picking up the aesthetic. The only reason I can tell the difference between a 2008 TV show and a 2020 TV show is because 2020 TV is picking up the look and sound of 2008 film. Genuinely curious if anyone can confirm if there has there ever been such a long period of stylistic (and technological) stagnation in Hollywood?
  14. He’s promising. I want to see him push his orchestral side to new places. There are glimmers of it, but he falls back on the current orchestral/electronic tropes too often.
  15. Other than the stuff by Goransson this year, this has gotten the most play time in the soundtrack world for me. Highly recommend.
  16. I don’t even know about it. I’m way off the Giacchino wagon. The only reason I listened to this was because I saw MoH and Giacchino’s name and wondered if it was any good.
  17. The latter tracks really shine. So I'm thinking Nami is one to watch.
  18. This is good stuff. Best Giacchino in aggggeess. But I can't tell who's the genius here: Nami or Giacchino? "Set Final Charges" Damn! So good! I honestly don't think it's Giacchino. It sounds too awesome.
  19. Starting the last chapter on a more subdued note is the most vanilla thing in storytelling. Just like that epic action scene at the beginning of RotJ.
  20. Just because something isn’t new doesn’t mean there’s not much to say about it. As you proved by saying some interesting things about the origins of the track!
  21. You can’t provide analysis if you say there is nothing to analyze! If you hate it, say you hate it.
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