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  1. Thank you all for contributing to a 60% decline in Oscars viewership! Let’s keep it going next year! 2020: 23.6 million 2021: 9.8 million 🤣
  2. We spray the shower down with a mixture of dish soap and vinegar after every shower. Cuts down the mold significantly.
  3. BINGO. Remember how lit the Coronavirus thread got because we had a tiff? Pissing roughly 50% of people off is a great way to get sales.
  4. LOL. This is America as it’s always been. Where Dr. Seuss gets cancelled and your average grade defense company making bombs and missiles to drop on weddings with ethnic music makes $100 billion in revenue.
  5. We have’t always agreed in the past, but this is excellent.
  6. But Bernie Hermann was a dick, why not me?!
  7. We need to accelerate the firings and chopping blocks. The sooner that happens, the sooner the world can have two concurrent economies. Say an Awakened Economy and a Fired Economy. Competition is good for society.
  8. There you go with the “except one side” again. Everyone has incentives and those incentives will guide what they choose to present, how they present it, and when they present it, down to the placement of commas and pauses. Being on any side does not preclude you having incentives. Look, I’m not going to argue with you. I’m not going to convince you, because I think you’re smart enough that you’ll eventually figure it out on your own. Best of luck!
  9. You know it’s not. I like to think someone who appreciates John Williams has at least one brain cell more than the average person. The media companies profit from the us vs. them mindset they peddle. Drives clicks. Shares. Views. Revenues!
  10. While orange-man was president, it was the end of the world to the left. Own up to it, you’re being manipulated into tribalism and you just don’t see it. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/eva-longoria-compares-donald-trump-806234 https://people.com/movies/spike-lee-compares-donald-trump-hitler-awards-speech/
  11. My side does it, it’s legit concern. Their side does it, it’s vitriol. The only thing correct in your post is that media outlets want to feed you toxic waste. Your flaw is you think it’s only one side. Profit has no party my friend.
  12. That doesn’t make sense. People cannot have a negative outlook on current events and should not work for you because of it? Man...I should have fired half of my employees from 2016-2020 for being concerned about the state of the US.
  13. Hollywood’s being doing this for the last 50 years, albeit with less visibility. You stay in line with the message or you get quashed. It’s always been euphemistically called, “Hollywood Liberalism.” Hence the virtual lack of political diversity in the industry. You either shut up, or say what’s in line with THE Message. Standard contract. She and her agents knew what they were doing. You kids are just woking up to how it’s always worked because the ethos is spreading to your back yard.
  14. Show me a man with assumptions and I will show you precisely where he will fail.
  15. So....Apple? Or [Insert Multinational Company Doing Bidness in China]?
  16. If you had said this in 2008 I think you’d be wrong on the 10 year horizon at least.
  17. You’re right, animation has developed quite a bit. I suppose I would ask: are we just so good at this now that there isn’t much more we can do to dramatically improve the cinema experience? Another 200 billion dollars is going to just get you diminishing returns on the blockbuster front. The Lucas dream of an Indy movie Renaissance just hasn’t panned out either.
  18. I can’t. I can tell the difference between a 2004 movie and a 2008 movie, only 4 years apart. But not 2008 to 2020. It all looks the same, it all sounds the same. Even TV is picking up the aesthetic. The only reason I can tell the difference between a 2008 TV show and a 2020 TV show is because 2020 TV is picking up the look and sound of 2008 film. Genuinely curious if anyone can confirm if there has there ever been such a long period of stylistic (and technological) stagnation in Hollywood?
  19. He’s promising. I want to see him push his orchestral side to new places. There are glimmers of it, but he falls back on the current orchestral/electronic tropes too often.
  20. To be fair it was probably more like “juh-fan”
  21. It blows my mind that the theater chains in the US haven’t converted their parking lots to drive-ins. Like...how incompetent do you have to be?
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