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  1. Show me a man with assumptions and I will show you precisely where he will fail.
  2. So....Apple? Or [Insert Multinational Company Doing Bidness in China]?
  3. If you had said this in 2008 I think you’d be wrong on the 10 year horizon at least.
  4. You’re right, animation has developed quite a bit. I suppose I would ask: are we just so good at this now that there isn’t much more we can do to dramatically improve the cinema experience? Another 200 billion dollars is going to just get you diminishing returns on the blockbuster front. The Lucas dream of an Indy movie Renaissance just hasn’t panned out either.
  5. I can’t. I can tell the difference between a 2004 movie and a 2008 movie, only 4 years apart. But not 2008 to 2020. It all looks the same, it all sounds the same. Even TV is picking up the aesthetic. The only reason I can tell the difference between a 2008 TV show and a 2020 TV show is because 2020 TV is picking up the look and sound of 2008 film. Genuinely curious if anyone can confirm if there has there ever been such a long period of stylistic (and technological) stagnation in Hollywood?
  6. He’s promising. I want to see him push his orchestral side to new places. There are glimmers of it, but he falls back on the current orchestral/electronic tropes too often.
  7. To be fair it was probably more like “juh-fan”
  8. It blows my mind that the theater chains in the US haven’t converted their parking lots to drive-ins. Like...how incompetent do you have to be?
  9. Other than the stuff by Goransson this year, this has gotten the most play time in the soundtrack world for me. Highly recommend.
  10. Reported to Jack Dorsey and Jay for promoting DISPUTED INFORMATION.
  11. You need both kinds of people in a society. Evolutionary necessity. You need a few explorers who fear nothing. A few more who are optimistic but cautious. And you need a lot of people who are paranoid and conservative. Explorers go first and figure out the situation and report back or die.
  12. I used to say Jay-double-u-Fan. Then J-dub Fan Today I heard someone say Jew-Fan.
  13. Hitler was vegetarian in 1938! That was the equivalent of gay in 2020!
  14. I don’t even know about it. I’m way off the Giacchino wagon. The only reason I listened to this was because I saw MoH and Giacchino’s name and wondered if it was any good.
  15. The latter tracks really shine. So I'm thinking Nami is one to watch.
  16. This is good stuff. Best Giacchino in aggggeess. But I can't tell who's the genius here: Nami or Giacchino? "Set Final Charges" Damn! So good! I honestly don't think it's Giacchino. It sounds too awesome.
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