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  1. 14 hours ago, KK said:

    When trends end, we tend to mine from the past to find solutions to communicate and express in the future. I can't tell you what film music will sound like in 10 or 20 years. It probably won't sound like Star Wars, but it will sound different from what we're hearing now.

    If you had said this in 2008 I think you’d be wrong on the 10 year horizon at least. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Datameister said:

    Some of the most interesting visual evolution has happened with animated features. I'm thinking of things like Into the Spider-Verse or Klaus - films that really stretch to try something new, and succeed in a big way.


    As far as live action goes, though, I think I agree overall. I haven't noticed any significant shifts in the look of live action for the last ten years or so.

    You’re right, animation has developed quite a bit.

    5 minutes ago, KK said:

    Just look to Zimmer's scores from 2008 vs 2020 (ex. The Dark Knight vs Dunkirk) to sum up the broader changes in the film music landscape. The late 00s still featured melodies and somewhat dynamic action material (by today's standards). Mainstream film music has become a lot more muted (with a priority on staying out of the way), melodic themes are much more frowned upon and it's all become mostly textural.


    Independent film music trends are also changing. More crossover musicians are entering the industry, woodwinds are making a comeback (just not in a Williams-esque way) and more interesting voices are creating work versus the anonymous piano/guitar scores for dramas of the late 00s.


    I think there are similar arguments you could make about changing trends in cinema itself. These trends will naturally become more obvious the more we move away from 2020. But the defining change in the 2010s will be the broader homogenization of cinema and TV thanks to the rise of Disney/MCU/cinematic universes and streaming. And since hundreds of millions of dollars are being poured into these massive cookie-cutter properties that reap billion dollar profits (or at least used to), the more interesting filmmakers are just going to get smaller audiences. Maybe it's that homogenization that you're referring to?


    Hopefully with Covid and the streaming crisis, we might eventually see big studios break apart, maybe the downfall of MCU, Disney and Netflix to usher in the 60s again!

    I suppose I would ask: are we just so good at this now that there isn’t much more we can do to dramatically improve the cinema experience?

    Another 200 billion dollars is going to just get you diminishing returns on the blockbuster front. The Lucas dream of an Indy movie Renaissance just hasn’t panned out either.

  3. I can’t. I can tell the difference between a 2004 movie and a 2008 movie, only 4 years apart. But not 2008 to 2020. 

    It all looks the same, it all sounds the same.


    Even TV is picking up the aesthetic. The only reason I can tell the difference between a 2008 TV show and a 2020 TV show is because 2020 TV is picking up the look and sound of 2008 film. 

    Genuinely curious if anyone can confirm if there has there ever been such a long period of stylistic (and technological) stagnation in Hollywood?

  4. 3 hours ago, Quintus said:


    Of course, gotcha. Oh well, hopefully you both have a nice Christmas then! 



    For most fear only sets in upon a positive test. The vast, vaaaaast majority of people who have had Covid-19 and got over it - without ever knowing they even had it, just felt like shit for a few days, at worst. I wonder how many of those people were stricken with fear. 


    It's quite fascinating how this whole dreaded affair has revealed two very distinct dispositions in the general population. Those who live in fear of the virus, and those who don't. 

    You need both kinds of people in a society. Evolutionary necessity. 

    You need a few explorers who fear nothing. A few more who are optimistic but cautious. And you need a lot of people who are paranoid and conservative. Explorers go first and figure out the situation and report back or die. 

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