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  1. Read Blumenkohl's Rules for Good Listening Here. Take long walks, no music, no podcasts. Don't take advice. Especially don't take advice from anyone older than you who has to work to get by. Be respectful to your elders, even the losers who have to work to get by. Avoid debt at all costs. It ain't over till the fat lady sings: unless you die happy, all your success and joy can be taken from you. This applies to the people you envy. Atheists and religious zealots make for crap lunch conversation. Stick to the agnostic and the ones who go to chu
  2. Haven't watched the news in 5 years. Barely read it. Don't miss a damned thing. Define live with it? Live with it with masks and continued social distancing, sure? Or live with it as if life is normal? It's too soon to just live with it. We don't have a good picture what the long term effects of being infected are. For all we know, all the asymptomatic sub-18 year olds drop dead in 10 months. Open up, let people get back to it. Whatever. But enforce masks with continued social distancing to minimize spread. Until we know: this isn't worse than we think OR we
  3. Check out those excess all-cause mortality deaths this year due to Just The Flu. Waiting for one of the chumps here to say Ultra Powerful Governments™ are murdering their clone armies to make the all-cause mortality body count look bigger than it usually does.
  4. The night is still young Alex. Give it time. It’s like when everyone was amazed that Germany had sub-1% death rates. Now they are in line with 4-5%
  5. Bubonic plague also originated there. So did Spanish flu.
  6. Being compassion-free assholes has gotten Sweden (10 million pop) here: Compared to Norway (5 million pop): 2 times the population of Norway, 50 times the daily deaths today. Brutal, murderous, cold people the Swedes! Not sure I buy the optimistic forecast in the images either. I don't see any evidence it's going to let up for them.
  7. The leashed-by-a-salary liberty warriors?
  8. In countries without sheeple there would be a second civil war if that happened.
  9. Common sense actions with little to no facts would be better.
  10. I like and respect Ron 75% of the time, but he's fucking clueless here. Doctors in general have been fucking clueless. They only get one-on-one patient care, not global pandemics. Si. Though I have no horse in this re-opening race, as I'm sitting cushy and safe on my farm, regardless of what you all decide to do.
  11. Best to invest in a plot of land and a headstone.
  12. I don’t miss ergonomic chairs. I did standing desk for years, and that gradually fucks up your knees. Office work is slow degenerative death if you’re not careful. That said, most back pain, unless there is serious underlying pathology is just because your back is too weak. Quit sitting on the dole and grab a barbell Drax!
  13. I always assumed you were on the dole, what with your back and all.
  14. Why would the Dutch go extinct?
  15. https://nypost.com/2020/05/03/texas-park-ranger-pushed-into-lake-while-trying-to-enforce-social-distance/
  16. Park rangers are being thrown into lakes for telling people to keep their distance.
  17. Germany is pretty close to zero new cases soon. A model for how to handle this. They just need to make sure they are judicious in opening borders to countries that have their shit together (I.e. Not the USA) We’ve stabilized at ~25-30k new cases per day here in the US.
  18. This little dweeb from Stanford can’t do math, but he attempted to use math to make arguments that everything is fine and the lockdown is ineffective, while making errors that basic textbooks warn against. What is it about being wrong that attracts frail-looking malformed people? Whether it’s the strange risen-from-the-dead/meth-lab looking Westboro Baptist Church people thinking Obama is The Antichrist, the skinny purple haired weirdos with strange piercings thinking Trump is Hitler, the scraggly bald long-distance running types that believed Brexit Will End Britain, the pale and
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