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  1. Germany is pretty close to zero new cases soon. A model for how to handle this. They just need to make sure they are judicious in opening borders to countries that have their shit together (I.e. Not the USA)

    We’ve stabilized at ~25-30k new cases per day here in the US.

  2. This little dweeb from Stanford can’t do math, but he attempted to use math to make arguments that everything is fine and the lockdown is ineffective, while making errors that basic textbooks warn against. 


    What is it about being wrong that attracts frail-looking malformed people? Whether it’s the strange risen-from-the-dead/meth-lab looking Westboro Baptist Church people thinking Obama is The Antichrist, the skinny purple haired weirdos with strange piercings thinking Trump is Hitler, the scraggly bald long-distance running types that believed Brexit Will End Britain, the pale and velour-clad dorks who think Hans Zimmer is better than John Williams, or the whispy-comb-over folks with a fashion-statement mustache like this guy believing that the Lockdown Is The END OF ALL THINGS? 




    Someone should do a study! 



  3. 2 minutes ago, Þekþiþm said:

    Or they could just let people go to work and be self-sustaining rather than being forced to pay even more trillions of dollars of government debt for generations.


    In the case of the US, the difference between $24 trillion and $28 trillion is so absurd that it no longer matters. 

  4. 1 minute ago, Þekþiþm said:


    That just proves my point then.

    If the government will print the money anyway, it is better that it goes to the people rather than companies. 

    The average of a larger number of individual decisions on how to spend money is better. 

  5. 41 minutes ago, Þekþiþm said:

    That government money ain't infinite.

    I’d like to introduce you to my friend the printer. It can do many things for you. 

    The only price is each time you use it, you become a little more like Zimbabwe. 

  6. 48 minutes ago, Þekþiþm said:

    I see you guys are all true believers in state power then. 🤷‍♂️


    Just now, Þekþiþm said:


    Yeah, the dole! 🙄

    What the fuck is government for if not to keep people from dying in a temporary crisis?

  7. 38 minutes ago, Þekþiþm said:

    Sure, but is that any reason to plonk everyone else into poverty?

    No one is arguing for putting people in poverty. 


    People arguing for lockdown are also arguing for aid to people in need as a result of the lockdown. 

    If we’d just do it for five weeks instead of hemming and hawing, we could be free to return to normal life by now. 

  8. 21 minutes ago, Þekþiþm said:


    You woman up! You're too much of a scaredy cat to catch a cough.

    Nah. If I caught the cough, I’d be fine. Plenty of lung capacity to spare. 


    It’s a shame to have so many weepy men everywhere. There was a time where men where resourceful and noble. Hell, even 50 years ago they’d find a way to turn a profit in all this and help save some people. Now they cry because they don’t know how to survive, let alone thrive, if their masters stop delivering the regularly scheduled paycheck.

  9. 3 minutes ago, Þekþiþm said:


    So... you didn't like the article?

    He doesn’t get why we sacrifice to prevent an unknown variable from burning through our world. These contrarian-nerds with pencil thin necks are getting on my nerves

  10. 1 hour ago, Þekþiþm said:

    ”The overwhelming majority of Italy’s deaths involved chronically ill and elderly patients.


    This is not to diminish these tragedies. But the questions arise: why are we surrendering our hard-won civil liberties and committing economic suicide when this virus poses a danger to only a small portion of our society? Why do we not pour all of our resources into protecting the vulnerable?


    The answer is that a 24-hour news cycle, with its morbid tallying of deaths, images of corpses and sensationalist reporting of outlier cases has whipped the public into a frenzy that politicians have had to take extreme measures to appease.


    And anyone who questions the collective unreason is denounced on social media as a bloodthirsty mercenary who favours the economy over human life."




    What a fucking waste of resources that author is. Hard won liberties. His contribution to earning liberty is probably driving through a Burger King for a pea-burger

  11. You can't compare a tyrannical government in Belgium with a tyrannical government in Australia. One is a 2,970,000 square mile continent. Belgium is a glorified 11,000 square mile city. A bad tyrant in charge of said city would be pelted by rocks and removed in short order by the citizenry.


    Space makes a huge difference. 


    A better comparison would be an EU Tyrant (say ein German or Pole) ruling over the people of Belgium from 500-1000 miles away. Alex would change his tune. He can barely handle being a subject of the Great American Empire, and we provide him with free military security with a generally light governing touch. 

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