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  1. Ah, big government doing what big government does best. No fucking nuance, except if you operate at the scale of big government. Most people are domesticated by big corporations. They resent small businesses and small business owners for being free and wild. They don’t just not care, they enjoy it and revel in it while sipping their salary. That said, as a small business owner, the heart of your character needs to be extreme resourcefulness with a pirate attitude. You need to wake up every morning and figure out how to profit off of everything that com
  2. I do not wish him ill. His only life achievement thus far is happening to be mayor of NYC when 9/11 happened.
  3. Notice how people who are full of shit automatically jump to pathologizing? “You’re a conspiracy theorist.” No. Death certification is a shit show under the best of times. In the US, all that needs to happen for a death to be counted as COVID is whether COVID is entered on Part I (underlying) or Part II (contributor) on the form. With a patient with complex disease (most COVID deaths) it is difficult to properly categorize. So guess what happens... Early on, COVID was undercounted. We can assume now it is over counted. Welcome to the block list.
  4. To be fair, death reporting is a bit loose these days. If you die of cancer and had to wait 10 minutes extra for your morphine, some places are calling it death by COVID.
  5. I'm taking no sides on the politics. The dumb politicians who are now blaming their citizens for their own terrible mismanagement of this whole affair come from all across the political spectrum and are spread across the ranks of every country. From the Cuomos to the Trumps to the Faucis to the Macrons. These political players... Were against acute/short term lockdowns when lockdowns counted. Are now enforcing chronic lockdowns at a stage in the epidemic where control is not possible and the damage to the economy and psychological well-being of the people will be more
  6. Politicians Who Sat On Their Asses, Kept Borders Open, Didn’t Do A Short Lockdown When it Would Have Been Effective Back in February/March: The people are fucking this up! Arrest non-compliant citizens!
  7. I thought men were toxic and needed to be wiped out, why are they bitching about them not wearing masks?
  8. I like my vaccines. But I don’t like my vaccines when the company giving them to me has legal immunity if I grow a third eyeball or lose my pee-pee. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-pfizer-vaccine-legal-indemnity-safety-ministers-b1765124.html If they try this shit in the US, fuck that. Skip.
  9. Someone say Hurd Imoonity? There’s some better evidence for it now. Looks like an individual can get around 7-8 months worth immunity after an infection. Anyways, I like this guy, and he’s got a point: And then Staten Island showed up:
  10. You kids got it closed. How fuckin’ stupid do you have to be to not be able to pull one over Jay?
  11. This term is offensive to people who have been victims of the European crusades.
  12. Perhaps they’ve been murdered...for this disease!
  13. That Pfizer trial had 44,000 patients. 100 total people contracted COVID. Only 8 were in the vaccine group. Great for the vaccine...but hold up. Why is the positive rate reported around the world close to 15% while in this study it’s .02%? Fishy...fishy...fishy. This is early evidence (not proof) that the general reported numbers are either cooked to exaggerate the outbreak, or the general testing protocols are shit. Because under the clinical trial standards they’re orders of magnitude lower. And I trust the standards of the
  14. It’s all in your head, Joey. Scored by James Horner self-plagiarizing A Beautiful Mind self-plagiarizing Bicentennial Man.
  15. Smoking Bolivian chlorine dioxide boosts creativity.
  16. I agree with you, though, 21st century problems are physical problems, not digital.
  17. Too much estrogenic soy and pea-protein makes little Harry an anti-capitalist Harriet.
  18. Like chopping your hand off to take the edge off metastatic cancer at this point.
  19. I can’t believe you wasted your once every few days name change on this. The old name, it had character. It was sly. It was rebellious. It was exotic. Had humor. You look like the girl next door now.
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