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  1. Does COVID spread through loads? COVID does not seem to spread through loads as far as we can tell. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/expert-answers/sex-and-coronavirus/faq-20486572#:~:text=There is currently no evidence,could be transmitted sexually. So keep your face mask on, but you can skip the Willy-mask... Of course these health sexperts also though masks didn’t work as part of a propaganda campaign a few months ago...
  2. Yep. From here to the moon.
  3. Number of people testing positive for antibodies has dropped by 26%, after only months. Big clue that there is no long-lasting immunity. https://www.bbc.com/news/health-54696873 It looks like immunity lasts around 7 months... https://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2020/10/studies-show-long-term-covid-19-immune-response By comparison, the common cold gives you immunity for 2-3 years. The problem is that COVID can do cumulative/permanent lung damage. But hopefully the first time is the worst...we’ll see. Methinks the best
  4. At this point nationwide lockdowns in hard-hit places are a sham. They are not lockdowns. They can’t kick this thing out anymore. The window of opportunity is way past gone for that. Idiot politicians around the world missed their chance to control this when it was controllable. Targeted lockdowns in areas that have things under control are more effective. But locking down the country of France with skyrocketing cases...it’ll just take the edge off.
  5. Let’s get back on track and give Quint some shit! It’s amazing the difference a few months of learning about a disease does to death rates. Big surges everywhere but much more manageable on the death front. Probably multi factor: 1. Doctors are more experienced at treating 2. Masks and distancing are decreasing viral loads and severity of disease 3. The surviving ultra-vulnerable know to be more cautious 4. The virus is probably evolving to more contagious and less deadly? Unknown but possible. Golly gee. People who can only think in
  6. Alex, Sweden has had pretty strong lockdowns compared to the world. It just hasn’t been centrally mandated, that’s all.
  7. If you normalize France’s daily numbers to the US’s population, the US would have had close to 150,000 new cases today. How embarrassing for the enlightened Europeans!
  8. Starting the last chapter on a more subdued note is the most vanilla thing in storytelling. Just like that epic action scene at the beginning of RotJ.
  9. Why would I back pedal? I was and am right all through.
  10. I’m not triggered by mstrox talking sense about herd immunity in October 2020. It’s all about timing. You want to be cautious and slow when the fog is thickest and you can let down your guard speed up as the fog clears.
  11. Many months ago you were wrong.
  12. Trump still has a few days to go. 10-12 days after onset of symptoms is when you get a rough estimate if someone is going to go south. Regardless, the balance of probability says he is likely going to survive, sorry Cremers. P.S. While I appreciate the sentiment of his latest Tweet about not letting fear [of covid, in this case] dominate your life, most people also don’t get to be flown by helicopter to the world’s best hospital, with a staff of doctors and nurses dedicated just to them, the latest and greatest medical care, including classified treatments, and all at
  13. “Why’d we get COVID?”
  14. Just because something isn’t new doesn’t mean there’s not much to say about it. As you proved by saying some interesting things about the origins of the track!
  15. You can’t provide analysis if you say there is nothing to analyze! If you hate it, say you hate it.
  16. This could also be a Trump ploy to steal airwaves for the next month. That’s what I would do.
  17. You don’t need a Twitter meme to do that. Keep your Twitter crap out of here! Low effort reposting is annoying.
  18. Yep. The balance of probability is still in favor of his survival, even though he’s way more likely to die than say you or I. Not accounting for the fact that he has access to healthcare and treatment options Quintus and Blume do not have. I hope he recovers but with enough of a bite to show him he needs to take care of the vulnerable population.
  19. The show is waaaay over-hyped. The music is not. The dryness of the recordings is I think what Star Wars would sound like if you sent modern recording equipment back to 1977. Really nice touch.
  20. “Cracking the Chrysanthemum Cipher” has some Williams/Desplat vibes that I enjoy.
  21. It’s 2020, KM, why are you using a third party antivirus?
  22. Finally catching up on this show. Göransson is the best thing to happen to Star Wars since Williams.
  23. Why should I feel sorry for her? She fed the cancel culture only up until it turned around and ate her. She deserves every ounce of it.
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