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  1. Really? I always thought Insurrection had a distinct, but slightly odd sound. It's probably because I'm more used to the recordings like on Williams' score, where you can distinguish small details better. Probably just me.

    I usually think William's recordings have too much going on towards the high frequency end. Which explains the detail...and my poor ears when listening loudly. :)

    To me Insurrection struck a nice balance in everything, especially "wetness" of sound.

  2. What are some of your favorite action cues/tracks/pieces by any composer from anything?

    In no particular order:

    - "Open the Gates" Star Trek V, Jerry Goldsmith

    - "The Battle for Peace" Star Trek VI, Cliff Eidleman

    - "The Asteroid Field" Empire Strikes Back, John Williams

    - "The Massacre" Total Recall, Jerry Goldsmith

    - "Spock Walk" Star Trek I, Jerry Goldsmith

    - "Desert Chase" Raiders of the Lost Ark, John Williams

    - "The Bridge of Khazad-Dum" Fellowship of the Ring, Howard Shore

    - "Battle in the Mutara Nebula" Star Trek II, James Horner

    - "The Pit of the Carkoon/Sail Barge Assault" Return of the Jedi, John Williams

    - "Burn it All" Backdraft, Hans Zimmer

    - "Red Alert" ST-First Contact, Jerry Goldsmith

    - "First Attack" Best of Both Worlds, Ron Jones

    - "The Dream" Total Recall, Jerry Goldsmith

    - "Here They Come!" A New Hope, John Williams

    One cannot forget "Mars - The Bringer of War" by Holst, either. :mrgreen:

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