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  1. 1 hour ago, Bespin said:


    I apologized! But in the USA, you can't deny that the covid-19 crisis is very political. This news is major today, but I recognize it goes too far... but it's distracting!

    Shhh! Quiet you bloody Wannabe Frenchist! You’ll get us all shut down. 

  2. It’s funny, I think this forum was a ten-year early-warning microcosm of what would happen in politics around the world due to the internet. 


    Trad film music vs. modernist film music. Taken to the extremes. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Sweeping Strings said:

    So how come its satirical shows (HIGNFY, Mock The Week, The Mash Report, Frankie Boyle's New World Order to name but four ... and more on the radio channels) are almost completely liberal-left? 

    The Beeb seems to be 'Schrodinger's broadcaster' ... accused both of being a Govt mouthpiece AND of being ran by 'woke' lefties.  


    Have you considered that the government circles that run the BBC are woke lefties? 

  4. 24 minutes ago, Gruesome Son of a Bitch said:

    5. Certainly never, ever do anything about China, who brought the world to its knees and continues to operate its death markets that are directly blamed for this plague.


    It'll take time. We need to move our factories back home, we need to make sure we can produce our own medical supplies. In the mean time, they still need our universities to teach their people how to think for themselves instead of steal American and European IP. So we'll be all smiles for another few years. 


    JK our universities don't teach people how to think for themselves. Thinking for yourself gets you cancelled. We need to detangle ourselves from China and quick. 

  5. I think at this time we can all agree: 


    1. Everyone needs to wear masks when enclosed with strangers. 

    2. If everyone is compliant with #1, open things back up, because the execution of lockdown in the West, particularly the US was a complete half-assed over-prolonged shit show. 

    3. Force relocate anyone who is keeping us from #1 to Australia

    4. Greet our new Asian overlords who had their shit together. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Jay said:

    We've seen more movies and I've played more video games than usual. Still seems like I don't have as much free time as I should no matter what I do.  Like even with all vacation and travel plans canceled, you'd think I'd be getting more stuff done around the house, but other than a great stretch of yardwork in March/April, I feel like not much gets done any more.  I dunno why.


    Are you hooked on news? I know friends and family who are disabled by news. 

  7. 3 hours ago, Quintus said:

    Big load of fuss about nothing:




    You gotta quit listening to the journos man. They don’t know nuthin about nuthin. “Banning flights from China is racist. Why didn’t you ban flights from China sooner? Masks are useless, stop buying them! Masks are useful! Why the fuck are you refusing to wear them?” 


    Listen to me. I’ve been the only constant voice of reason in all this since January. Why? Because you don’t need fucking data to have common sense. 

  8. Hey, after the bubonic plague spread through Europe, the skeletons of the people that died after shows that their diets dramatically improved. 


    So there will be more high quality food and better paying jobs for you if you make it through this! 

  9. It's times like this that you remember our ancestors who crossed the perilous ocean and migrated from Europe/Britain to the Americas were the batshit crazy loons of their old country. Crazy has a strong hereditary component. 


    Look, I get it, being told what to do is annoying. The more people tell me to do it, the more I itch to tell 'em to fuck off. But it's a fucking 10 cent mask, and it can't hurt much. Wear it when you can't stay far away from other people. 


    If these people could jump on a ship to Mars over masks, I think they would. The crazy gene is that strong in some families. 

  10. 6 minutes ago, PuhgreÞiviÞm said:

    Just run around in the nuddy


    The world would not be able to handle such glory. I fear the divorce rate would skyrocket as men and women flock to be with me.  

  11. Depends on what I'm doing. Out and about on nature on a trail, I carry a cloth mask and pull it over my nose if I get close to others. If I'm indoors and can keep my distance, N95 + Surgical. If I'm indoors and can't keep distance N95 + Surgical + Work Goggles. 

  12. What makes masks so effective is that even a modest decrease in viral load can reduce risk of infection dramatically. 

    Once again it’s an exponential growth thing. So don’t buy into the crap from the anti-maskers. Even a 50% reduction in initial viral load can mean a dramatic reduction in risk of getting sick and the intensity of how sick you get if you do become sick. 

    It’s the same mathematical principle that would have saved us from the mess if countries were quick to close borders with China. 

    Best time to nip exponentials in the bud is in the beginning. 

  13. 5 hours ago, Alexcremers said:

    The Russians have changed their country's constitution and now Putin can remain president until 2036. I know someone who is very jealous. 


    God dammit, Cremers, don't get the hottest thread on JWFan shut down! 


    Hong Kong is gone too. When will they take the Coronavirus thread? 

  14. 22 minutes ago, Naïve Old Fart said:



    The headlines, tonight:

    "COVID-19 Was A Fake"


    It has come to this reporter's attention that hackers have succeeded in obtaining information that seems to indicate that there was a massive conspiracy involving governments, back in 2020.

    It now appears that the entire COVID-19 virus, and its resultant "protective" measures, including lockdowns, social distancing, track-and-test, and even tracking apps, were nothing but a massive front, by certain world powers, in collusion with global "brands", in order to destabilize the world economy, and to set up new, and more malleable societies.

    It certainly seems that a lot of the New Freedoms which came into being, as a result of the 2022 collapse of the world stock market, and the repositioning of all major utilities - water, electricity, roads, transport, housing, and even oil - back under government control, have had far reaching effects on the world. 

    Ironically, many of the "brands" which helped to suppress the truth, have now become megaphones for governments. Over the ten years that followed the stock market catastrophe, Facebook, YouTube, Microsoft, and Apple, and entertainment industries such as TV, film, radio, gaming and music, were all assimilated into various sectors of governmental overseeing, with many founders of these companies losing both their jobs, and their fortunes. A class action claiming that these "brands" were betrayed, was dismissed as sedition, and many former CEOs and owners were imprisoned.

    From 2034, virtually every facet of life had been overruled by various government departments. Wherever one went in the world - assuming one was allowed to get there -  the story was the same: all world powers merged into one.

    Now, with the shocking revelation that it was a a set-up, this is set to change. How, no-one can say, but, if this story reveals itself to be true, then world society is set for another massive upheaval, of seismic proportions.



    Someone's been playing too much Deus Ex. Good dystopia read though! 

  15. 12 hours ago, bruce marshall said:

    More importantly: why aren't we allowed to assess the risks and decide for ourselves if it's worth it?


    Because you don't fucking get risk.


    Suppose you're a dumbass and you get behind the wheel of a car while drunk. Worst case you'll kill a dozen people and crash into a tree and die and you're out of the picture. Risk is capped. 


    If you're a dumbass who gets COVID, you can go to a pool, a club, a hotel, a party, fly to Rome, visit the Vatican, come back, visit Nana in the nursing home and chain reaction get millions of people sick. Risk is uncapped. 


    All of this started with one person and you are opining about personal risk. 

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