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  1. 📈💰💰 There is so much money to be made right now with all this controversy. I’ve tripled my position in a public outdoor/hunting company in a span of two weeks. Fawlty Towers ratings are gonna be thru the roof! When people fight, the corporations profit.
  2. No physical book or pamphlet can be excised from circulation.
  3. Voluntarily making yourself a slave of modern healthcare is a silly thing. Better to suffer in your soul than be owned by the modern medical supply chain.
  4. We have our own problems. Free market is dead. Late-stage capitalism is pretty weird. Very socialist if you are a big corporation. Government owns most of the market as of this year, with the Fed and Treasure printing money to take ownership of everything.
  5. Tit for tat is better than getting steamrolled. The best answer is to not be employed. Employees can’t capitalize on controversy. You need to be self-employed, then controversy is publicity and you’ll boost your business.
  6. Cowardice is not the answer here. Fight back. Hold idiots to account.
  7. I'm glad to be returning to my normal life of surging coronavirus cases, riots, civil unrest, here in the US!
  8. Can’t do anything about it. Minneapolis is shutting down their po po department. Maybe you can request a hit job once criminal organizations step up to maintain law and order.
  9. You went from PekingDuck to PorkiePie?
  10. Other than Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams he was largely without taste.
  11. Steef, I spent the last 15 years telling you to stop padding your post count and get a life. I hope you finally get a life! I am blocking you for being an idiot and not listening to me for 15 years.
  12. They will try to surgery it and fuck up your knee more! Meniscus, right?
  13. Sex is the best painkiller.
  14. You should have heeded my warnings back in January and found a lady/gentleman or one of the 17.6 million genders friend to pod with for this. Are you also without toilet paper and food?
  15. It’s been too long for you. You are becoming insufferable!
  16. When was the last time you had sex?
  17. You want some eggs? I’m overflowing in eggs. You have missed the crux of my point. Law and order comes from below, not from above. A standard police force or even a standard sized modern military have no hope of bringing law and order to a people who choose to stop overlooking the obvious. Again, note what happened in Vietnam. In Afghanistan. In Iraq. A bunch of Medieval people ground the world’s most powerful and advanced military to a halt, over decades. Yes, we can nuke everyone, but that’s not law and order, is it?
  18. Another example of your big government thinking. You might need a temporary jail cell. But why do you need prisons? The Romans rightly thought prisons a wasteful (to the taxpayer), and inhumane (to the criminal) thing. A criminal would either receive corporal punishment (for most crimes) be sold into slavery (not such a bad thing in the Ancient Greco-Roman world, compared to what was practiced in North America) or be executed (for the big crimes). Sitting around wasting away physically and psychologically while draining society’s resources is not good for anybody.
  19. Why would you abolish the courts? The Anglo-Saxon common law system is the world’s greatest civil achievement. Abolish?! No! It should be adopted by every one in the world, it would save them from the horrors of Napoleon’s legal system.
  20. You’re such a big government drone. No wonder you’re so whiny. Everything’s a big fucking project. A baseball bat, a pistol, some lead bullets, and some sprint training are practically free.
  21. Can you all even fire a gun recreationally in Australia anymore?
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