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  1. Blocked. If your community needs a police presence to survive, it is not a community. Trump made his name in Real Estate, then followed it up in Hollywood, and then won the presidency of the most powerful nation in America by stirring up controversy and playing both sides for dirt cheap marketing. He is the first modern presidential candidate to not outspend the opponent he beat (he spent HALF the Clinton campaign and dominated the mindshare). It’s been 30+ years and people still assume he offends accidentally due to his dumbness. Trump is a vir
  2. The fact that he declared bankruptcy and made a come back tells me he wasn’t just lucky the first time.
  3. If I recall, you are or were one of the younger members here, which is why I didn’t keep you blocked the last time you used this same logic WRT panicking on COVID. Sometime between now and your last heartbeat, you will come to realize that the cost of overestimating your threats and being wrong is far cheaper in the long than the cost of underestimating your threats and being wrong. For many people, this lesson is learned In the form of regret on their last heartbeat. Better to give things that can harm you more credit than they are due.
  4. He proudly says he doesn’t read books. Safe bet. Unless it’s part of his Schlick to make everyone think he is dumber than he is.
  5. If. You and @KK are assuming he wants the protests to stop. This is a big, mistaken, assumption. Trump has a variety of tools at his disposal to make the protests stop. Some peaceful and civil. Others violent and deadly. Take a moment and contemplate why he would want to egg things on.
  6. Paris is infected. https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/02/police-use-tear-gas-against-racial-injustice-protesters-in-france
  7. Peking Duck is an agent of the state.
  8. Tumult is to be expected from time to time. These things strengthen the empire. The fact that people in Auckland, London, and Montreal are marching in solidarity with their capital country’s people is a good sign.
  9. Montreal may not want to be a part of Canada, but it is part of our Great American Global Empire. Anyways, this is my favorite video from all the protests. Don’t fuck with Italians.
  10. Fun fact to ponder as you look at the rest of 2020 around the world. COVID requires physical bodies in the same location to spread. Riots/insurrection do not.
  11. COVID numbers are going to explode in about 2.5 weeks in the US.
  12. We've known how to deal with this shit for a while. Older economies priced in plague and quarantines into the price of goods and services. Dealing with pandemics was a part of the normal cost of business. We enlightened GLOBALISTS have our heads so far up the ass of the Economy™, that we've forgotten. Regular quarantines of incoming vessels was standard practice in much of the world well before we even had a germ theory of disease. For example in Marseille: Calamity ensued when quarantines were broken to expedite business: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Plague_of_
  13. I am glad I'm on a farm. Still feel too close. Decided to tune in to the TV today. Watching the news media try to paint a simple "one-cause" narrative around this. They're looking at the last straw that broke the camel's back and ignoring the mountain of straw, stones, boulders, twigs, and rot the straw landed on.
  14. It's only May 30th in an Election Year. This is like the teaser act on a modern streaming binge-show with one of those jump-the-shark cliffhangers at the end of each episode culminating in jumping solar systems in the season finale.
  15. I fully expect superspreader events in the affected cities. It's gonna be a doozy.
  16. Sadly, things are politically fractured enough here that I am not sure that would actually happen. There was inverse-rally-around-the-flag with coronavirus. A contingent of Americans would probably pray for and welcome Chairman CENSORED Divine Leadership just to spite the other contingent.
  17. A second civil war in the US is inevitable, if we are to come back together for another 500 years. It is a hallmark of stable, long-lived powers. Look at the number of civil wars Western Rome went through over its 700 year history. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Roman_civil_wars_and_revolts Our vassals across Europe and the South Pacific should be watching with keen interest, as whether you fall under the thumb of Putin and Jinping in your lifetime will be determined by the course of these faraway events in the Wild West. You don't want to end up li
  18. This is why poor people cannot be kept on the dole for too long. Without struggling to survive they form into mobs and do idiotic things.
  19. Fuck the New York Times. When those lives could have been saved by common sense measures, they were whining at how hot-headed Trump might “cancel flights” and “force quarantines.” They pathologized people who panicked early by writing drivel like this: The pushed deadly bullshit as facts: They gave people a false sense of security with non-sensical risk assessments: And now they have the audacity to publish a list of dead people’s names in some great political statement. They share in the fucking re
  20. Most of the whole world is poor and defenseless or vassals reliant on us for any wealth that they do have. How many military bases do we have in Belgium, Alex?
  21. Laughing stock of a bunch of nerds is acceptable.
  22. I don’t know much about him, except that I enjoyed his call for weirdos and different thinkers to join the government. That’s exactly what western governments need more of. Unfortunately he got a bunch of mainstream psycho-Econ wonks who floated that shitty COVID herd immunity theory. That’s okay. It’s fine to be wrong as long as you quickly change your position. It’s only a problem if someone stays married to a position longer than they can stay married to their spouse.
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