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  1. Erin Burnett is a bit past her sell-by date at this point.
  2. Today I learned about a CNN correspondent named Bianca Nobilo. I may start watching the news again...
  3. The Jaws comparison is a bit shit. If 1 person goes for a swim on one day, we expect one person to be eaten by Jaws that day. If 100 people go for a swim, we expect one, maybe two people to be eaten by Jaws that day. If 1,000,000,000,000 people go for a swim, we expect 0 people to be eaten by Jaws that day, because the shark will scare away. If one person spends a day in a small hall with another infected person, we expect 1 person to catch Covid. If 500 people jam into that hall with one person with Covid, we expect close to 500 people to get sick. Etc. No, the m
  4. With multivitamins and increased water intake yes. Caloric needs are taken care of by fat. Wouldn’t recommend it without medical supervision. I’m not a doctor. Etc. etc.
  5. Other way around. They are a reflection of taking advantage of too much plenty and not being worthy! We must squeeze everyone more.
  6. Even fat people can have evolutionary purpose. If there is a 12 month famine, they can survive on multivitamins while the rest of us die*. And then they inherit the world. Fitness is relative to the problem at hand. That’s why we have weirdos. *You’d need about 157 lbs of fat (each pound equal to 3,500 kcal of energy) to survive 365 days without food, assuming you’re good to go with 1,500 kcal per day. Ireland has 3x the population density of Sweden. Sweden’s current 7-day rolling average daily deaths per million is 6.08. Ir
  7. In my experience, most people who think like this are lower 49 percentile in terms of fitness for survival. Only reason they are around and able to have such thoughts is because we have such a cushy world for them. Fat, diabetic, arthritic, heart conditions, weak bones, weak muscles, asthmatic, no flexibility, can’t see without glasses, can’t hear, suffer from mental issues, depression, take at least one pill every day etc. but strongly Darwinist. They’d be eaten in an instant if we were slightly less civilized, assuming they actually survived birth without medical in
  8. Didn’t he die in the end?
  9. I'm afraid knee cartilage damage is terminal.
  10. Very disappointed that he didn’t keep the last notes sustained. Very jarring. 7/10 performance.
  11. Too much mental programming. People don’t spend enough time letting the horrors of their mind surface. Void works in mysterious ways. I am now Blumenkarl Maker of Lists. May Void have mercy on your souls.
  12. John Williams is already weirded out as it is by his rabid fans. The kind that assault him at concerts and such. No need to be ashamed. It’s just sad. Sissy breakfast or even a quiet dinner alone is fine. But regular lunches alone says a lot about your mental and social health. I apologize for offending you and your faith, I can see this is a sensitive topic for you. Please don’t burn me at the stake for heresy. I can see that tough circumstances have forced the atheist people to turn to the void in their hour of darkness. V
  13. People with a “lack of belief that there are any deities” sure act on their lack of belief differently from people with a “lack of belief that pizza is the best food.”
  14. Prejudices? What am I prejudiced against?
  15. a- “without” theist- from Greek theos, “god” An Atheist believes in the lack of a god. Now fuck off you ignorant fool! This is great. See Arpy? Watch all the calm cool “statement of disbelief” nutters get their panties in a bunch like religious zealots. Atheists are easy to trigger as Baptists. That tells you something. I don’t generally feel such a strong urge to defend my statement of disbeliefs from attack!
  16. Really? I don’t believe in Santa Claus. I don’t make a religion around not believing in Santa Claus. Or label myself as a Aclausist. I don’t get together with other non-Santa believers and discuss how silly it is to believe in Santa Claus! Atheism is just another religion revolving around a belief in a lack of a god. But it’s a particularly hollow religion. At least the other religions have interesting smelling incense, some beauty in the form of rituals, good music, and some pretty buildings that you can enjoy even if you believe their teachings to be nonsense!
  17. Sorry bro. I don’t sell fraud money making courses. I don’t got a Lamborghini. I got a farm.
  18. 32 is, now Fix Forums are fun for arguments while killing time. People who think they know something so profound for sure make for dull, predictable conversation and debate.
  19. Exactly the wrong question. Ways to make money: there are as many ways as there are people† Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, John Williams, Usain Bolt, the plumber in your neighborhood, and the the sparky in your town all made their millions and billions in their own ways. But all men lose their money in the same handful of ways. Got it? † Unless you are a commie. In which case you steal money from others through murder and extortion and call it redistribution.
  20. That’s because it’s trying to make money by losing money. See the two rules.
  21. 1. Make money. 2. Don’t lose all your money. One is easy. Two is difficult.
  22. Sounds like he was a big fan until he lost his wiener in a freak jar jar blow up doll incident. Getting to mulltimillionaire is easy PekingDuck. It’s about as common as college degrees 20 years ago. I’ve seen many people get there and lose it all in less than a decade. Staying a multimillionaire is where the skill is at.
  23. He looks like the “rent fancy cars for my intardnet biz fraud” type. I don’t got a thing to sell, cripple man.
  24. Dude, you failed on #1. Why keep reading?
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