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  1. Standard John Williams fare with the occasional highlight scattered far in between. Could condense all 3 albums down to 60 minutes combined easily.
  2. If Horner ever had an excuse for copying, it's Troy. He did the damn thing in 2 weeks tops.
  3. Well, it doesn't surprise me that he finds Eilish's song "very well crafted". However, this had me rolling: "We just spent the day adding little orchestral touches." That must have been one lazy day.
  4. The trumpet theme of the X-Files season 8, in the episode(s) where the abductees are returned and Scully fears Mulder will turn out to be dead, is gorgeous.
  5. Michel Legrand is as appropriate in NSNA as Leonard Rosenman is in Star Trek IV.
  6. The synth horn ensemble is butt ugly. When will these people learn that the more horns you add, the smaller the sound gets?
  7. I believe that JWFan should impose posting bans from China.
  8. I find the score very elegant and introverted. I'll admit that plenty of his scores outside of Middle Earth are hit or miss. His music has a very peculiar elegance and aesthetic. When he is in his zone, and doesn't do projects that he's not really into, you can literally hear his thought process in the music. In this one, I think you can practically see his pencil on the paper. It's like reading a light short story. Intellectually challenging enough, time goes by quickly, and you see the concept of the author.
  9. Because you can have polyphony on a piano and harmonies, whereas you can't with a flute, or clarinet, or a violin (save for double stops).
  10. PR nonsense. As if James Bond saving the world was anything new. Or is this villain threatening the universe?
  11. Respect for his craft, his significant predecessors, and good taste. All 3 of which modern film composers lack. Just look at Giacchino, Mr. "Joker is an all time great", or Hans Zimmer, Mr. Happy Jolly "orchestras don't need conductors".
  12. I've never heard a Herrmann score that was listenable to any length of time outside the film.
  13. Not true. It goes down the toilet once the ludicrous codebreaker plot starts.
  14. Your memory is astonishing. Must be that German precision.
  15. There wasn't one moment in Rise Of Skywalker that I would call "fun". Unless you qualify derision as that.
  16. Congratulations, you finally found out how Hollywood works. Now maybe you'll eventually realize how you're baited into an artificial culture war.
  17. It's called test of time. It's literally in the description.
  18. What a bs PR thing to say. His agent told him "Listen, it's best if you stay on the Academy's good side, but include a classic composer or two to acknowledge the traditionalists!"
  19. How on EARTH can you put Phantom Menace over Star Wars? Keep the xylophone and mickey mousing. All prequel scores have something incredibly annoying about them if you try to listen to them start to finish.
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