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  1. It was really literally a million to one shot signing Howard to score the LotR trilogy. The whole project was, but that especially.
  2. Pity. He could have taken down Spectre and end this Covid game for World domination.
  3. Filmtracks has traffic of about 12 people, yet Clemmensen posts a totally earnest endorsement for the election LOL What a narcissist.
  4. I can't decide what's worse, a generation of Batman and Superman movies wasted on Hans Zimmer, or a new generation of Spider-Man and Batman wasted on Michael Giacchino.
  5. By and large, comparing the magnitude of influence of LotR on anything to Lost In Translation is beyond obtuse, as is the reduction of LotR's influence to "the fantasy genre". The topic was broad cultural influence. I don't give a fuck what influence LIT has on "dramedy". That's like saying Bourne Identity is as culturally relevant as Titanic because it shaped the spy thriller genre.
  6. If you're honestly trying to argue that Lost In Translation rivals Return Of The King in cultural relevance, you're out of your mind.
  7. I cringe when I think back, that there were individuals who thought Lost In Translation would win Best Picture over Lord of the Rings. Which was 17 years ago. LotR is still alive and well. Who the fuck cares about Lost In Translation?
  8. Why? Statements by people, no matter their stature, don't count as proof.
  9. One instrument means you can use a piano, too? That's a bit of an unfair advantage.
  10. Pardon me, I don't have the gift of knowing movies that never will be made.
  11. You got me. I "missed" the TV spots that reveal the incredible plot the movie lacks.
  12. The Skywalkers are dead. But the Skywoakahs are alive and well.
  13. He didn't want to spoil it for you out of the kindness of his heart, obviously. The way Palpatine is introduced in RoS is clumsy beyond belief. THE DEATH SPEAK LOL
  14. Oh no, please don't spoil this trilogy, it's already so great!
  15. Is this some sort of insanity test? But good to know you admit that the endless tripe you write cannot be used as proof.
  16. If they needed a known Sith to reincarnate and play the part of the mastermind in this wretched trilogy, they should have used Darth Plagueis. At least that would have been somewhat cool.
  17. It's the journalism syndrome. Job description says impartial, actions say partial, and with time, they think the latter is the former.
  18. I mean: your argument is ridiculous. Why do you, as a mod, talk rudely to someone just posting news via screenshot, with the sole argument "that's not what people do"? Literally nobody cared until you singled him out for no reason. Is that how you help people "fit in"? Fit into what? You don't integrate people by forcing THEM to adapt other people's habits as their own. You integrate them by making the already existing people accept the new guy's habits. Through leading by EXAMPLE. He didn't break rules, he didn't curse, he posted a goddamn screenshot.
  19. He could have said that, had he actually had spotting sessions with Williams.
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