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  1. I hear old Johnny is a big fan of 3rd position fingering and fluttertongue.
  2. Daisy would never let him come home again.
  3. Justice League wished it had the entertainment value of half a Godzilla movie.
  4. You like to HEAR him do porn. At least I hope so.
  5. This reply was written unironically.
  6. Irrelevant. Firstly, there has to be a best score ever up to this point purely because there’s always one best. But secondly, whatever the best score up to this day is, the question is still can something equal or better be written today?
  7. There was a short period of time between 1980-ish and 2000-ish, where technological possibility met with golden age movie making and experience, which produced an absurd amount of all time classics. Likewise, the composers during that time embodied a perfect match of skills: still trained in the classical realm of writing serious music, while being able to draw from the established realm of film music from the Golden Age. Hans Zimmer ended that period. Yeah I'm that guy. Still, he ended it. Episode III and Return of the King, while the Zimmer craze already formed, marked the end of that forever. After that, blockbuster cinema consisted of Pirates, Transformers, Christopher Nolan, and Marvel, while the serious composers were pushed into niches and/or forced to dumb it down. I still maintain that collaborating with Hans Zimmer killed JNH's career.
  8. Sure. And if you don't like any modern movies, you can just watch Raiders Of The Lost Ark over and over and over and over until you vomit.
  9. Sounds like background music from a YouTube "20 Legendary Cat Vines" compilation.
  10. Is it possible in this environment? All time. Better than everything. Is it possible to write a score challenging for this title? PS: „Everybody likes different things“ argument is bullshit and doesn’t count. People not into Star Wars still acknowledge the mastery of the music. Discuss. Yell at each other. Fight. Let there be blood.
  11. The prequels are a bunch of ugly f'ing dungpiles, but George Lucas achieved what he wanted as a young guy, and that's more than I can say about 98% of humanity.
  12. Amazing that movie companies ruin all film franchises these days. And now even a franchise that doesn't exist. (No, LotR and Hobbit aren't franchises, they are simply book adaptions).
  13. Classic JWFan. New JW score is announced. "I wonder if he will return to the glory days of yesteryear" "He won't" "hE mAY dO It sTiLl" JW proceeds to not return to the glory days of yesteryear.
  14. You're on a different planet if you think Disney won't shove their agendas into this like they did with Star Wars. We live in a time of intentional redefinition of culture.
  15. Instead of focussing on what you think a relationship should be like, or what kind of woman you want, I think it's more fruitful to look at what your miserable wife actually is and what she's trying to accomplish.
  16. Are they taking the piss at this point, making everything about superheroes colorless, preferably just black?
  17. I'd be more interested in a restored version of the 200 minutes cut of the film. Because that sounds like a delicious disaster.
  18. You expect a 90 year old man, all time Oscar nominee, who got hired for part 5 of a series because he's established the sound of all previous parts, to "break out of the mold" and get "pushed a bit"?
  19. Frisbees like this one is why the soundtrack genre is dying. There's no reason why you would pay any double digit price for a disc pressed full of irrelevant ambiance. I don't believe for a second that any of these people who voted for this listened to even one minute consciously.
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