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  1. I did an experiment. Of 48 score cues, all of them except maybe 10 or 12 start with long, brooding, drawn out pads or other sounds. How do you listen to this without contracting narcolepsy? I've never skipped through an album this fast. If you don't grab my attention within 20 seconds, done. Next track.
  2. There are little noteworthy pieces outside the album in JW scores of the past 10 years.
  3. Finally he realized the length his music is tolerable for.
  4. Has anyone watched his "session" videos on YouTube? Even his MIDI sequences bore you out of your mind. You can tell from looking at the MIDI how lame his shit is.
  5. I wish people stopped reading bullshit by composers and just evaluated the music. Then maybe evaluations wouldn't start with the mandatory "I'm not saying I don't like him but..." in order to not offend the amoebae who love this. It's entirely okay to hate this hamfisted effort.
  6. "His bat signal has its own theme" is one of the most pretentious film scoring things I've ever heard. So basically every time someone is on screen, it's a "theme". A "theme" for this dork is apparently everything that isn't a rhythm.
  7. I can't believe that after 16 years, this Primeval hoax is still a thing. How about a revival of "Back To The Future by John Williams"?
  8. "This movie is so amaze" Your Neuralink creator, everyone.
  9. No. Otherwise there wouldn’t be classic themes. Or fans.
  10. Dopamine Resistance is a very real thing. Audiences get number and number to it.
  11. Why does everything Holkenborg records have to sound dramatic? These fucks only know one tone. ONE. Drama. And even more drama Heavy drama. How can someone listen to this album entirely and not think about a high ledge?
  12. When you recorded an instrument track with MIDI keyboard in your sequencer, there’s usually an option to record „over“ that track, but not to replace the notes, but to input MIDI CC with your MIDI controller/keyboard, so you don’t have to paint the curves manually. I use that because I’m not so good with keyboard playing that I can play and use modwheel/faders at the same time.
  13. And the part on the island not a mix between Cannibal Holocaust and Jurassic Park III.
  14. It's actually quite endearing, had the journey to the island alone not been stretched into a whole episode of Gilligan's Island.
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