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  1. It's really not. It's written for and performed in the film, as well as incorporated into the score.
  2. It's fascinating that I can never really tell which films Howard Shore would be likely to score, but each time he's announced for a movie, I say "of course!"
  3. Can't you just combine all your ludicrous dystopian rules into one, call it "NO FUN ALLOWED", and be done with it? Some guy talk isn't "perving" on anyone. Two weeks ago, you went all indignant because MV Gerhard called some innocent comments "idiotic", now you're calling innocent posters pervs. In fact, you should apologize for calling innocent posters pervs.
  4. I like how Thor's constant and continously persistent appearances in score threads, with something like "I have 30 seconds of the main theme on an old Prague Philharmonics compilation, that's more than enough for me for this score", is as much a satire as my continuous appearances in Hans Zimmer threads.
  5. That's some bollocks. Does, whoever wrote that, know what operatic means? What does he think JNH's score is?
  6. This is why Thor's attitude is ridiculous. If you have a 70 minute OST, and a 100 minute score, and you say the OST is all that's necessary, that's understandable. If you have a 70 minute OST, and a 180-200 minute score, and you say the OST is all that's necessary, that's fundamentalism.
  7. A drumset, by definition, is several individual instruments played together, hence "set". So if a drumkit, which includes like 4 different percussion instruments, is allowed, then you might as well allow 4 different wind instruments. I'd make the rules cleaner and say it's for one individual musician.
  8. I can't think of a worse example to make clear what solo piece means than a drumset in an orchestra. @Jurassic Shark If I do, say, a piece for oboe, is it allowed to give it, say, a harp backing, or a simple chord backing, or just naked oboe?
  9. Since he said you could record your own performance, I'm leaning towards only just one instrument.
  10. Fuckers from Spitfire reduced the price on PC libraries, but not on StaffPad libraries, which I actually eyed for Black Weekend.
  11. Just to clarify one thing, when you say one instrument, you mean a solo of just one instrument, so no solo over backing orchestration.
  12. That's even worse. How would a random old woman know the story of a giant ape?
  13. It's a bit of an unfortunate business idea to mark Vol. 2 with "WHEN THEY'RE GONE THEY'RE GONE", while advertising re-issues of Vol. 1 and 3. I love the show as much as anyone out there, and the music as well, but without the episodes to go with them, I don't think there's much incentive to listen to it. I also think that eventually, each episode's score should be released whole, ordered by episode number. Digitally. This releasing of music across seasons is just strange.
  14. But memorable pieces should take precedence over less memorable pieces. Especially in a 9 season series with roundabout 200 episodes. I mean, is this really a question...?
  15. You're saying because we can remember score cues in our head, we don't need them released? We need them released BECAUSE we remember them.
  16. Spider-Man: Home Invasion Because straight to Amazon.
  17. I hereby declare LLL's releases from 2015-2019 completely worthless because they didn't release The Complete Hobbit Recordings. That was a joke btw. Just making sure.
  18. Is it actually hip now these days to deliberately set out and make movies that'll make people groan?
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