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  1. No is when the Rebel fleet is preparing to fly in Yavin 4. And Luke´s theme is used for 3PO and R2.
  2. Yeah, I think it was only used in "action" mode in Confrontation On Eadu. And in the movie Baze has lost his faith in the Force/Whills stuff (until the end), so I think we can also call it Chirrut´s theme. It´s funny like now, the less used theme is the Hope one, and it was used at the title of the movie in the infamous rendition that it is hated for almost everybody.
  3. I can´t wait for Lalaland´s The Michael Giacchino Jurassic World Collection in 2039!
  4. I like more the Krennic one. Love the first rendition on He´s here for us. For me the great additions of the FYC are "Hearts of Kyber" and "Jyns path is clear" because they expanded the use of The Guardians of the Whills theme, that was barely used in the soudntrack
  5. Well, Spielberg, Kennedy and Trevorrow are producing, so... orchestral all the way. I´m sorry for Velazquez, but I´m happy with these news.
  6. Haha. I signed in the forum more than 10 years ago, and I usually read you guys, but I barely post. I think most of the times I only do it when a new Star Wars film and soundtrack is released :p. Lol! Don´t worry for me. I would probably disappear until next december when Episode VIII will release.
  7. Thanks! I agree The Han Solo movie starts shooting in February, but like Jason I expect that Disney is going to change the release dates of the Solo movie and Episode IX to December. Why change something that its working really great? And for sure both Fantastic Animals and this movie are going to have long post production both.
  8. Thank you Jason! Well, you never know with the music schedules... Spider-man: Homecoming opens one week earlier than War of the Planet of the Apes next july, and Gia is doing both... Hahaha. I´m sorry for my english again
  9. Ok. Most here don´t like Michael Giacchino´s effort for Rogue One and want him stayed far away from this universe. So who you really want to compose the next Star Wars spin-off? Of course, all of us want John Williams, but sadly that it is not going to happen. So, who is your choice? And frankly, options like Desplat, Gordy Haab o Joel McNealy are neither going to happen... I think that Mark Who? Mothersbaugh has a lot of options, because he is the composer of all the Phil Lord and Chris Miller other movies. He is 66 years old and has never composed a really huge movie, but according to imdb he is the composer for Thor Ragnarok (maybe a test for next going to a galaxy far away?). I admit have never listened none of his soundtracks... I also think, that James Newton Howard has options because his relationship with Lawrence Kasdan, that is the writer and the producer of the film. But maybe he will be busy with Fantastic Animals 2... Ahh, and of course I voted for Giacchino. He has a fantastic relationship with Disney and I really like Rogue One. He is my favorite composer, so if Williams is not going to do it, he is always my choice. I am sorry guys :p. P.S.: Sorry for my english and sorry if I didn´t make well the poll, it is my first try.
  10. Yes. And thanks to that, also my favorite moment of the movie
  11. Well, I really like Doctor Strange, and most here don´t. In the last two years it is my second favorite effort from him (my favorite is Tomorrowland). And Star Trek Beyond let me cold (but I´m hope my opinion would change with the extended edition).
  12. Oranges and apples. Giacchino is my favourite composer but I also like Zimmer. But for Star Wars, there is no doubt that Michael has the correct sound.
  13. I think the same. I think it sounds too much "nazi" or Medal of Honor, but it works great in the film for me. Same for me. Yes, probably we have in the cd soundtrack only half of the score. Great post Will! I do enjoy the music, and share a lot of your opinions! But, the main difference is that I am a big Giacchino fan ;).
  14. I really enjoy this film, but how not?? I´m a huge Star Wars fan, and if Rogue One is something it´s a film made by a fan and for Star Wars fans. I prefer TFA, but Rogue One is pure love to the saga. It´s not perfect but it is a good popcorn movie, that fans are going to love. It has great cinematography and effects, good performances, and really cool moments. And the last 30 minutes are pure glory. And I love the music, I think it is pretty good and works really well in the movie (even the Imperial "nazi" theme).
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