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  1. Stumbled upon this site when I was looking up The Patriot (probably on Dogpile...was Google a thing then?) ahead of its release because I didn't realize that John Williams was writing the music for the film and was looking for some more info. The site has brought me a lot of joy ever since. And another member here was nice enough to sell me an extra ticket she had to two of Williams's first Chicago concerts which is the only time I've ever been able to see JW in person. Thank you to Ricard and everyone else who has had a hand in creating and maintaining this place.
  2. I'm afraid I must admit that I've neither seen Rambo III nor heard the score. I'll have to check it out.
  3. 1933: King Kong (Steiner) 1934: The Lost Patrol (Steiner) 1935: Bride of Frankenstein (Waxman) 1936: The Plow That Broke the Plains (Thomson) 1937: Snow White (Harline, et al) 1938: Alexander Nevsky (Prokofiev) 1939: Gone with the Wind (Steiner) 1940: Our Town (Copland) 1941: Citizen Kane (Herrmann) 1942: Bambi (Churchill, Plumb) 1943: The Song of Bernadette (Newman) 1944: Laura (Raksin) 1945: Spellbound (Rozsa) 1946: The Best Years of Our Lives (Friedhofer) 1947: Captain from Castile (Newman) 1948: Louisiana Story (Thomson) 1949: The Adventures of Don Juan (Steiner) 1950: Sunset Blvd. (Waxman) 1951: The Day the Earth Stood Still (Herrmann) 1952: The Bad and the Beautiful (Raksin) 1953: The Robe (Newman) 1954: On the Waterfront (Bernstein) 1955: ? 1956: The Ten Commandments (Bernstein) 1957: ? 1958: Vertigo (Herrmann) 1959: The Nun's Story (Waxman) 1960: Spartacus (North) 1961: King of Kings (Rozsa) 1962: To Kill a Mockingbird (Bernstein) 1963: The Leopard (Rota) 1964: Mary Poppins (Sherman Bros, Kostal) 1965: Doctor Zhivago (Jarre) 1966: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Morricone) 1967: You Only Live Twice (Barry) 1968: The Lion in Winter (Barry) 1969: The Wild Bunch (Fielding) 1970: Patton (Goldsmith) 1971: The Horsemen (Delerue) 1972: images (Williams) 1973: Enter the Dragon (Schifrin) 1974: Chinatown (Goldsmith) 1975: Jaws (Williams) 1976: Taxi Driver (Herrmann) 1977: Star Wars (Williams) 1978: The Boys from Brazil (Goldsmith) 1979: Star Trek (Goldsmith) 1980: ESB (Williams) 1981: Raiders (Williams) 1982: Conan the Barbarian (Poledouris) 1983: Under Fire (Goldsmith) 1984: Temple of Doom (Williams) 1985: Ran (Takemitsu) 1986: The Mission (Morricone) 1987: Lionheart (Goldsmith) 1988: ? 1989: The Last Crusade (Williams) 1990: Dances with Wolves (Barry) 1991: Hook (Williams) 1992: Dracula (Kilar) 1993: The Nightmare before Christmas (Elfman) 1994: The Lion King (Zimmer) 1995: Braveheart (Horner) 1996: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Menken) 1997: Titanic (Horner) 1998: Shakespeare in Love (Warbeck) 1999: The Red Violin (Corigliano) 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Tan Dun) 2001: LOTR: FOTR (Shore) 2002: Road to Perdition (Newman) 2003: LOTR: ROTK (Shore) 2004: The Village (JNH) 2005: Revenge of the Sith (Williams) 2006: The Queen (Desplat) 2007: Ratatouille (Giacchino) 2008: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Desplat) 2009: Ponyo (Hisaishi) 2010: TRON Legacy (Daft Punk) 2011: War Horse (Williams) 2012: Life of Pi (Danna) 2013: Escape from Tomorrow (Korzeniowski) 2014: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Powell) 2015: It Follows (Disasterpeace) 2016: The Red Turtle (L Perez del Mar) 2017: Phantom Thread (Greenwood)
  4. Some of my favorites that (I don't think) have been mentioned yet: Trouble in Paradise Sherlock, Jr. Harold and Maude What We Do in the Shadows The Ladykillers
  5. That Hollywood Reporter article says that there are DGA rules that forbid replacing a fired director with another member of the existing crew, so presumably they'd have to find a way to get around that if they want Kasdan.
  6. A lot of fun. That first scene on the airplane is hilarious!
  7. Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Pete's Dragon, please!
  8. Yes, but my understanding is that the interpretation of the music on the 3,400 year old tablets from Ugarit is still pretty controversial, and the tablets aren't complete. My understanding is that the interpretation of the Epitaph and the Greek Delphic Hymns from around the same period is less controversial. So if you're looking for the oldest notated music that we have, it might well be the Ugarit tablets, but if you're looking for the oldest notated music that we can actually reconstruct today with a high level of confidence , my understanding is that it's those examples of the 2,000 year old Greek music.
  9. One of the oldest is supposedly the Epitaph of Seikilos, carved on a tombstone in modern day Turkey roughly 2,000 years ago.
  10. I guess I owe George Lucas an apology for laughing at Ep III. Rest in peace, Carrie and Debbie. Thanks to Carrie for talking about her mental health problems so openly, and thanks to Debbie for saving all of those props and costumes from silent and Golden Age films. What an awful week for that family.
  11. Amy was a good film, but I was sad to see Joshua Oppenheimer lose another Oscar to another music documentary. The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence are two of the most captivating documentaries I've ever seen.
  12. Yes it's from the cue "Imperial Cruiser Pursuit" when the Falcon escapes from Mos Eisley.
  13. We know Williams didn't write the trailer music because it uses Han Solo and the Princess and Williams doesn't remember writing that theme.
  14. Of those that haven't been mentioned, I'd add: Oliver! Cabaret Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  15. I have some OOP CDs that I'm looking to get rid of. Decided to put them up on here instead of ebay because I'd rather get them into the hands of someone who would actually keep and appreciate them vs. someone who's looking to make some $$$ by flipping them. So if you missed any of these when they were first offered and are looking to add them to your collection shoot me a PM. Sorry, but I can't ship outside of Amurica. -Images (JW: Prometheus) -Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (JW: 2002 Varese Sarabande expanded) -Monsignor (JW: Intrada) -1941 (JW: La La Land expanded) -Hook (JW: La La Land expanded) -Mars Attacks! (Elfman: La La Land expanded) -Airplane! (Elmer Bernstein: La La Land) Also have some CDs I can give away for free. I'd just ask you to send me a few bucks to cover the shipping costs: -King Kong (Max Steiner: Naxos Morgan rerecording) -E.T. 20th Anniversary Edition (JW) -Jaws (JW) -Jaws (JW expanded) -War Horse (JW) -Tintin (JW) -Munich (JW) -The Terminal (JW) -A.I. (JW) -The Patriot (JW) -Minority Report (JW) -Empire of the Sun original release (JW) -The River (JW) -Vertigo (Herrmann, McNeely rerecording) EDIT: I just want to make clear in case it was unclear before that these are CDs I purchased for my own collection so while they are all in good shape they are used and not brand new and sealed.
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