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  1. Well, the first thing that set me off is Rian J. speaking............ I won't ever in my life buy anything from TLJ except by Williams' music. Movie is like a crap of the century--->> And the previous centuries.
  2. YAY, volume is UP 30 %. That is really remarkable remastering!!!
  3. Well I don't effingcare about your american PC BS SJW shows anymore.......
  4. Typical, like someone that does not agree with you. Typical American.... What if I am black and trans? You're thrown in a philosophical (identity) fuckfest! You don't know...
  5. Well this arrangement was the best thing that come out of this fucked-up movie. Like the whole music for the episodes 7 and 8.
  6. Like I was saying......the music is SUPER. everything else about this movie is SHIT!!!! I'm like joyful of this stupid JWFAN members defend this movie. I don't give a s-it.This forum has gone to s-ith a long time ago........
  7. Well...... I saw the latest trailer. It was SHIT. No whatsoever interest in this movie after this SHIT of a trailer. Same SHIT products the Hollywood is pitting out last year...
  8. Don't question the STUPIDITY of a shallow character on the JWFAN forums...... You are NAZI!!!!! Hope retarded fans could see through it....... If not... they are stupid as shit...
  9. I kind of If get it now; why Mr. Williams needed do so much time on this SHIT of a movie to get it scored... I feel sorry for mr. Williams for this...
  10. I'm still in the woods with .... why so many "respected" members like TLJ (quotation marks intended) like the latest instalment of the movie... If you take away the StarWars labels... it is the one of the Shifulllness, storyless movie of the 21sth century. I saw the poll where JWfan mebers voted TLJ best SW movie... this poll tells A LOT of the people of this forum IQ. 10/5000 quotation marks ... This is beyond by respect for this people.. If you take out the STAR WARS complex it is one of the worst plotted movies of the modern history.
  11. The best mention of John Williams and score for this pile of trash of the movie: at 47:18
  12. Probably my all time favourite short JW moment ever (Ray's Journey - FYC album): From 0:51 - 1:01
  13. Don't bother my disrespectful view of the movie... Music is AWEOME. I must say.. my new best short musical moment from JW is from "Rey's Journeys" track 12 - (now from the FYC album) from 0:52 - 1:01 - this alone is worth of an oscar (if I give a shit about them).... Thank you for the cover!!
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