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  1. At the risk of being pedantic, (1) it's only 4 notes, not 5, as the first note of the Kylo theme in that example is parenthetical, (2) it's in a different tonal context (a modulation from Dm to Cm rather than in Cminor to begin with), and (3) it's a different rhythm, but I do see that this example illustrates that a symmetry can be found between Kylo Ren's theme and that portion of the Emperor's theme. I'm not convinced that this is proof that Palpatine was planned as far back as TFA, but I do not deny the similarity of those 4 notes. Personally, and I may be ignorant, I think t
  2. Could someone please post a picture of the sheet music of The Emperor's Theme with the Kylo notes in it, perhaps circled? I am genuinely curious about this as I can't seem to find it in any of the sheet music I've looked at. Thank you
  3. This is why I said I was PARAPHRASING Joseph Campbell, not quoting him exactly.
  4. The first five notes of Luke's Theme in Star Wars are literally the first five notes of ET's theme. Does that mean that - while few people in the world noticed, it turns out that Luke and ET are related ideas specifically because they were meant to be that way from the beginning? And just to be clear, what five notes of Kylo Ren's theme are you saying are from the Emperor's Theme? Kylo's Theme goes: G F# C Eb low-G. The Emperor's theme goes C Eb C...Eb C Bb...C Eb C G F# F-natural. The Emperor's theme never even goes to low G and Kylo's theme has no Bb or F natural. EDIT -- T
  5. Mattris, may I ask you, do you believe George Lucas made Star Wars in 1977 with the plan of Darth Vader being Luke's father and Leia being his sister? Or do you think that evolved over the course of making the three films? I can tell you with 100% certainty, RJ did not consult with JJ, did not feel compelled to pick up anything JJ set up. As long as he didn't outright contradict anything JJ said in Ep 7, he could do what he wanted. You do not have to believe me. But I promise you, that is the truth. Kathy Kennedy was completely preoccupied with putting out fires every day on R
  6. TFA is constructed very much like Ep 4 is constructed. Secret data is placed in a droid, the droid goes into the desert and is found by a young person with unusually developed skills (Luke's piloting, Rey's scavenging). The young person is taken in by an older father figure (Obi-Wan, Han Solo) who fills the youth in on the state of affairs beyond the desert world. The father figure is murdered by a good guy turned bad and the youth must take up the mantle to carry on the ancient way that is in danger of being lost forever. The good guys attack a colossal super weapon. It's not a carbon co
  7. Certainly Maz Kanata's dialog in the scene about Luke's lightsaber give some significance to the fact it that it was once Luke's, and his father's before his, and now it calls to her. Everyone is asking - "who's the girl?", "what girl?", etc. JJ definitely wants us to get involved in the mystery of her identity. One of the trailers even starts with a line from Maz ro Rey (deleted from the finished film) - "Who are you?". The flashback dream sequence when Rey touches the lightsaber intertwines her childhood memories of being left on Jakku with the events leading the Luke's exil
  8. I don’t understand what you’re referring to in The Force Awakens or the original Star Wars. When does Vader have a convenient change of heart in the original Star Wars? Please clarify. Agreed, he’s definitely not excited about it. I never said he was. I think his performance could validly be characterized as resignation to the inevitable though, which is not how RJ handled it, which was much more outright dismissal of Rey, like “go away”. again, I’m not making a judgement of quality here. Just that I believe JJ and RJ had different goals with their films, and that RJ did n
  9. I’m not making a qualitative judgement on 8 vs 7. But I think JJ and Lawrence Kasdan had set things up to go a certain way following ep 7 and RJ chose to go a different way, watching 7 again recently, it’s pretty clear that JJ meant for Rey to be *somebody*, that Snoke was not intended to be a pawn of Palpatine, that Luke was waiting until the time was right to come back and thus when Rey shows up with the saber at the end, it’s his call back to adventure, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell. its pretty clear that RJ seemed more inspired to deconstruct the tropes of Star Wars where JJ
  10. Sorry mattris I can confirm there was no plan,and the commonalities between themes that you are referring to are a result of JW creating a musically consistent pantheon of themes for the saga, and his career. JJ def did not tell JW to compose themes for ep 7 with The Emperor in mind. JJ had no control over where the characters would be taken after ep 7. Hence why Rian Johnson took everything in a totally different direction than 7 hinted, and why Colin Trevorow pitches for ep 9 were different than the path JJ eventually took. CT was the one who brought palpating to the table an
  11. Actually I was! It WAS McCartney tapping his foot. D’oh!
  12. In 2002 I attended a Lucasfilm event in Hollywood where Rick McCallum and Fred someone from ILM explained the evolution from 35mm film in 1977 to digital capture on Ep 2 in 2000. One of the things they went into detail about was the evolution of the laser film printer, a machine which could print out new camera negative. It was developed in the 80's and 90's to improve the quality of CGI images on 35mm - in '77 all the CGI (i.e. the Death Star plans) was captured by pointing a film camera at a computer screen and filming it one frame at a time. In 1996 FOX d
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