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  1. Don't the winners usually get to keep their envelopes as well? Could this all be blamed on Emma for not taking her mail with her? That's just plain hilarious! This is why the Oscars should NOT be decided by the Electoral College!!!
  2. I know. Warren Beaty—who really caught the mistake, and was trying to figure things out—winds up looking senile in front of millions.
  3. Agreed. I like it when they're different. This was kinda like the upset the year Shakespeare in Love walked away with it.
  4. They just showed a replay—it WAS Faye. Warren was stalling, because he thought something was wrong. (You can see him as the producers take the stage shaking his head.)
  5. I wonder if this'll be on some Oscar montage in a future show.
  6. But he handed it to Faye, who was the one who said "La La Land," right?
  7. Well, I think Jimmy Kimmel was the best host in quite some time—presiding over one of the dullest ceremonies evah.
  8. I guarantee you someone's going to spin this into a white supremacy thing. . . .
  9. Message movies have the inside track this year, so it could be an upset. . . .
  10. It was very good—and, in comparison, far, far better than Emma's ever been.
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