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  1. I'd forgotten about Wes Craven. Didn't know about Jerry Weintraub. Or Alex Rocco. Shoot. Love that they showed a clip of Horner composing during his early years. Beautiful. I had a feeling Nimoy would be last. Tears.
  2. Gotta give you that one . . . Rock hasn't quite sunk that low yet. Here we go. Kleenexes ready.
  3. I dunno. The whole Girl Scout cookies thing was this year's version of Harris's embarrassing Oscar "predictions" bit last year.
  4. I didn't expect Chris Rock to be the best host ever, but I thought he'd take the controversy in hand, diffuse it a bit, and turn everyone's attention back to the movies. He started off that way. He hasn't kept up his stride. And now it's starting to get just plain awkward. I'm not just talking about the whole diversity thing. When the presenters start upstaging the host, thing's aren't going well.
  5. Best line of the night so far: "This Oscar is going home in a Honda Civic."
  6. Wow. Wasn't expecting Rylance to win for BOS. Nice to see Steven's standing ovation in the aisle, and a nice nod to him by Rylance. Great win and speech.
  7. That piece was making points I don't think they meant to make. Self-defeating stunt.
  8. Seriously. It's getting old. This is not a "problem." Let it go. On another note: This year's hairstyles were apparently provided by the Muppets. . . .
  9. I think everyone sees Star Wars as being old news when it comes to SPFX.
  10. Ex Machina steals one from MM. (Those robotic effects were pretty amazing.)
  11. Doubt it. It's getting the look & sound awards, but performance and overall "best" stuff will go elsewhere.
  12. Least surprising win for Mad Max. This kind of movie is a shoe-in for sound editing.
  13. Did they actually just give Will Smith the middle finger for his boycott? I think that's hilarious.
  14. Wow. Max is having himself an evening. (He'll have a lot less reason to be mad tomorrow. . . .)
  15. That tickertape thing at the bottom of the screen is a brilliant idea. Keeps them from having to thank half the planet up at the mike.
  16. Probably thought showing the bear once again damaged his chance at winning an Oscar. . . .
  17. Tomorrow's headline: "Mad Max pulls off a Return of the King"
  18. There are presenters who try to be funny . . . and then there's Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, showing them how it's done. So simple, but laugh-out-loud hilarious. I had a feeling Mad Max might take some of these categories. How are skirts from the 50s supposed to keep up with a look like that?
  19. See? Now that's how you do it. You would think a gaggle of actors would be able to pull off a prompted speech better than they almost always do. But when you see J.K. Simmons do it, you realize how cringeworthy the rest of that crowd is. He's just a great guy.
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