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  1. When will we get the complete soundtracks from the prequel and sequel trilogy?
  2. Once upon a time I really knew how to rip, edit, and do all kinds of amazing stuff and shared that knowledge far and wide. Nowadays I lack the hands-on skills and, more importantly, the time. Can anybody here with the know how for an up-to-date Mac with iTunes give pointers to a grizzled old fan editor on how to rip the audio from the stream? Also, is there a post in this thread or elsewhere on the forum that talks about which cues in this ISOMIX are not on the OST so I can keep the good bits from my trusty CD and fill in the gaps with the 96k stream?
  3. Now that TDK Expanded edition is out, reportedly with the whole score available, has anybody yet figured how to pick the tracks apart into the right cue order? Barring that, a reasonable track order?
  4. You're asking what I was about to ask. Just opened my score yesterday after seeing the film for the first time. I've done a lot of custom re-ordering of the Batman Begins soundtrack and have an excellent narrative for it finally after only three years of fiddling. Now I need to do it all over again for TDK. :-D
  5. Must ... get ... proper ... Indy 4 ... sequencing.
  6. For me it's a tie between the Ark Theme and Short Round's Theme. The latter is absolutely majestic.
  7. I mean ... FLAMES for heaven's sake. FLAMES!!!
  8. Anybody have the correct tracklisting for the new Blade Runner set? Obviously disc 3 isn't in the film, but what about the first two?
  9. If the titles do indeed relate to the moments in the score, I'd place Germania between 1 and 2. IIRC, the "Barbarian Hoarde" was part of the Battle of Carthage re-enactment, so the Carthage track could go on either side of 20. The Rhino fight was an unfinished/abandoned scene, but in theory it would make sense near the "tiger" fight from the film. I can't immediately recall where in the score that fits. I need to pull out my DVD and check it out again. "22. The General Who Became A Slave" has one of my favorite cues in it ... the very middle-eastern cue that you hear upon arriving at Zuccha
  10. Begging the question why the weakest of the five scores is put in the correct order and the rest are a typically jumbled mess.
  11. I thought the GOF score was chronological, except for the source tracks from Jarvis Cocker. I ripped the Hogwarts School Song from DVD and added it into the mix.
  12. I recently started listening to my discs again after being in MP3 mode for about four years. The difference, when you go back to it after listening to a dumbed-down version for so long, is astounding. You will pry my CD collection from my cold, dead hands.
  13. I know the basics of how he did all the fights with the models, and for its time it was an amazing effect, but the CG in episode III totally blows it away, IMHO. *sigh* You give them eyes, Lord, yet they still cannot see.
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