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  1. Well I for myself would sacrifice, Marcus Captured/to Berlin or the Raider's March for that cue defenitaly I am a true believer
  2. hey got mine today... preordered it ne month ago at Amazn Marketplace... for only 40$ ... about 27€ it's new and sealed.. and just perfect I can't believe it I think I saved about 50-60 Dollars wheee *happy* :-)
  3. Hmm unfortunately.. so this one has to be fake alright but it doesn't sound bad.. I think
  4. Wow great to see somethng new... The third picture could be taken out of the Last Crusade... Ford doesn't look any older on that one.. mmm so now in the digital HD age the rocks look even more make than they did in the 80ies.. (refering to the 2nd picture)
  5. Hmm some time ago I downloaded that album from soulseek... It sounds pretty obscure and some tracks really sound like Shore... don't know.. I think it's real but for me theres no way to proof it.
  6. hmmm if Lucas onlywould have done it that way... well guess it's easier just recording them and then recutting them.. *sheeee*
  7. Well I don't believe it... I just found some tracks at Soulseek .. I've downloaded some of them.. and I#m not familiar with this music at all. Well it's not the Original Score by John Powell I have Track 1 and 2... then I lost the connection to the user As I think it's pretty sure a fake. I can mail it to you if you're interested
  8. only on the box i think? yes, only on the DVD and VHS Boxes... but maybe theY'll change the Main Title someday.
  9. Hmmm... looks funny. I mean compared to the other titles it's very long indeed... It's very unusual to have such a long subtitle below the Indiana Jones logo. RAIDERS of the LOST ARK INDIANA JONES and the TEMPLE OF DOOM INDIANA JONES and the LAST CRUSADE INDIANA JONES and the KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL But then again... INDIANA JONES and the RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK as it's now officially called A long title too... But who cares, i really look forward to it.
  10. RIP Maestro! My mother used to listen to him, when I was a child. And yes Giorgio (german Geliebter Giorgio) was my first favourite movie..
  11. It could be. It's kind of funny that no one has been able to confirm if it's real or not. I would think someone who's heard it on these boards would be a fan of the game or a fan of Shore's enough to know if it's from something else. Yeah, I remember playing the Game and loving the music... very touching, and I always thought it was done by Howard Shore, cause I thought it's taken from the movie - I didn't knew Shore was off at that time. But anyhow, the booklet doesn:t have a creditlist... according to imdb.com it was entirely composed by Chance Thomas http://german.imdb.com/name/nm0858613/
  12. I bought that CD to and I was really looking forward to that.. cause I love Prokovief Chamber music... but the quality of the recording!! Awful all that hiss, clicks and noise.. I didn't read anyone mentioning it.. am I the only one? Cant imagine
  13. Hmmmm well maybe it's a stupid question, but what's the big deal? I don't get it ... has there been an official announcement i missed? Alls I think we know is, that it will contain 8CDs for three movies, and ok some really useless stickers.. So, you are comlaining and sending them mails about something we don't know anything precise about. Maybe they did remaster it from a better source and it sounds perfect, maybe it contains cues that never have been - or for a long time not have been - available.. we'll find out in a few weeks. But I can't wait to get information on that one so I'll send them an e-mail to like you did.. at least they should know that people are interested
  14. ... Whatever it'll be... it won't be better than GoodMusicians Star Wars Edits.. Really great work!!!
  15. where did u get that from? well I don't posses it but there are/were plenty on Ebay.... http://cgi.ebay.com/Topps-Star-Wars-30th-J...bayphotohosting
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