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  1. Musically Im expecting an Indiana Jones 'Duel of the Fates'. That would be cool.
  2. I agree. If you have the Treesong recording with Shaham playing it sounds even a little more bland.
  3. Spielbergfilms.com has announced a May 2008 release!!!!!! OMG! This is huge.
  4. Woke up this morning to the early show on CBS. They did one of those "year in review" things and played clips of events,issues, stories from this year. one of the clips was Iran and their nuclear bomb story. The Ferry Scene was being played as this clip was shown. It was surprising! Also they played the theme from Free WIlly at the end of the video. I checked at CBS.com for the video and its not up yet.
  5. yea I found the CD. So happy to have it!
  6. 2. The Nativity Story 1. TBD
  7. Please share. I cant decide mine in order yet. But heres what it somewhat looks like. 5. Superman Returns 4. Lady in the Water 3. World Trade Center 2. TBD 1. TBD
  8. A real find from where I live! Cant believe it. Awesome awesome stuff!
  9. Got Night at the Museum for christmas this morning, and its a pretty nice listen. Predictable at times but nice.
  10. THere is a clip from Hollywood Bowl with Williams conducting Escape from the City.
  11. Howard shore had great scores for LOTR, but after that Im not too interested. The theme from History of Violence is a shire theme.
  12. Only if they had Refugee Status and Attack on the Car in WOTW, it would be cool to see the film with score.
  13. I hate that Raymond show. But hes hysterical on it, and everything he did (DREAMTEAM!) was awesome!
  14. I think the theme for Nazareth is a nice melodic idea. There is some percussive material that outlines the journey of Mary and Joseph. Some nice cello solos too at the tender spots. The CD opens with Veni Veni Emmanuel sung by Mens Choir, bells tolling, and low strings. Its really intense. The latin text in the singing is really nice. The recorder sounds beautiful also.
  15. Just got the CD because the clips are so beautiful. The score is tight! It is a complete omage to traditional carols. Also the choir sounds gorgeous and there are also instruments in the score similar to Passion. Check it out.
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