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  1. Dated Special Effects.

  2. Trevor Jones' score to "Loch Ness" has some celtic touches. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNunXYqXhwk The track "Raven's Wind", from "Hercules: The Lengendary Journeys" (Volume 3) will be, or at least should be, right up your alley.
  3. "Source Code" (Chrispy Bacon) 1. Main Titles (1m1) (2:24) 2. You Don't Know Me (1m2) (3:03) 3. Colter Questions Passangers (1m5) (2:17) 4. Fluid Leak (2m1) (2:43) 5. Colter Follows Hazmi (2m3) (2:11) 6. Colter Fights Hazmi (2m5) (2:13) 7. Colter Freezing In Pod (2m6) (3:13) 8. Rutledge Explains Source Code (2m7) (3:18) 9. Colter Sees Badge (3m2) (1:26) 10. untitled (3m3a) (3:25) 11. Am I Dead? (3m4) (2:38) 12. One Death Is Enough (3m5a) (2:39) 13. Wrong Phone (3m6) (2:21) 14. Colter Follows Derek (4m1a) (4:59) 15. Stay With Me (4m1b) (1:41) 16. Derek Captured (4m2) (1:38) 17. Goodwin Sends Col
  4. Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen (complete) 1. 1m0 - Logos (0:41) 2. 1m1a - Main Title-First Contact (1:24) 3. 1m1b - Shanghai (0:50) 4. 1m1c - N.E.S.T. (2:08) 5. 1m4 - First Chase (1:07) 6. 1m5a - Second Chase (0:26) 7. 1m5b - Pursuit (0:44) 8. 2m7 - This Is Not Your Planet (0:38) 9. 2m7a - Sam To College (0:32) 10. 2m8a - The Shard (1:15) 11. 2m8b - Rooftop Escape / Bumblebee(0:47) 12. 2m9 - Retrieving The Shard (0:27) 13. 2m11 - Sad Bumblebee (0:47) 14. 2m12 - Autobot Hanger (0:49) 15. 3m13 - Director Galloway (0:54) 16. 3m14 - Origin Unknown (3:01) 17. 3m15 - What If We Leave? (1:17) 1
  5. Some possibilities for other users: "Another Gay Sequel" "Flash Gordon" "Toy Story" "Yellow Handkerchief" "Gone With the Wind" Possible composers to repretned it: Chris Bacon Thomas Wanker
  6. Yes, and good or bad, you can say he's made real efforts, even when borrowing from himself. I know another composer, whom I won't name, who also refuses to work with temp tracks. Consequently he's not scoring anymore. I don't blame any composer for it. I think a director should put himself in the same situation. You sign on to a direct a film, and when you're ready, the studio steps in and gives you a reel of edited footage from other films, telling you, "This is how we want to the film to look, and we want you to shoot as closely to these scens as you can without directly stealing them"; h
  7. I believe it was Morricone who refuses to work on a film with a temp track.
  8. The hover bike chase from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" -- didn't look all that great when it was in theaters, still doesn't look good. Some are :okay", while others scenes are worse. Still, it was epic for it's time. As much as I love "Star Trek: Generations", the saucer and planet it's heading down to, still look fake. And some of the close ups during the crashing, make it obvious it's a big prop. And in "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", the way people disentigrate from a "kill" setting on the phasers, still looks a little fake. Miles better than in TOS. And certainlky, even thoug
  9. Four cues from "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" (William Olvis):
  10. I remember one story from a member, possibly on FSM, who told he somehow got invited to a session (I forget which score), and he brought a little bag of CD's to sign, if the chance arouse, but he decided not to. Goldsmith was polite, chatted briefly, and he had a great time, and when he left and retrieved his bag, when he wasn't looking, guess who signed them? Great little story.
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