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    tharpdevenport got a reaction from RomanticStrings in Die Another Day Track titles   
    1. Main Title/ The Enterprise K 4:54
    2. History Review/ They Killed Kirk, You Bastards 2:28
    3. Data Experiences Lust/ "A Menage Et Trios, What An Intriguing Idea Sir." 4:08
    4. Phaser Testing/My Bad/ "We Didn't Need the Moon Anyway." 3:48
    5. Data Discovers To Many 8s 8:08
    6. Tasha Yar Makes A Brief Appearance 1:29
    7. Guinan Talks/ I Need Work 3:45
    8. The Borg Attack/ "Ha! You Just Assimlated My Genital Herpes!" 6:34
    9. Data Fights The Villan/ The Villan Kicks Data In The Nuts/ "Dr. Soong Never Got Around To That Part, But I am Sure It Would Also Be Ten Times Stronger As Well."/ The Length Of A Horner Cue 14:14
    10. Data Makes Love With The Leading Female Actress/ Accidently Pushes The Photon Torpeodo Button/ It's Still Clampeted Down For External Case Repairs/ "Sh!t!"/ "You Blew It Up. Damn You! Damn You All To Hell!" 6:57
    Bonus Cue: "Use The Force Damnit."/ "Ahhh, Fucked You Are." 13:02
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    tharpdevenport got a reaction from Gnome in Plaid in Synth Celesta vs. regular celesta   
    What he said. When you're big enough, you can have what ever you want. Especially if it's percussion (no matter how rare, Emil richards likely has it in his big-ass stor\age building of percussions instruments).
    Horner had five pianos on "Flightplan", and Walker set a record (as I read) for the biggest number of assembled accordians on a film score on "Willard" (remake).
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    tharpdevenport got a reaction from Daminer in Passion Of The Christ 2CD [John Debney]   
    There has been no additional CDs, or unreleased cues (at least not on his current site) released.
    There was about 26 minutes if Jack Lenz rejected score on his old site, but that's gone now (thankfully I saved that), and there has been nothing from Lisa Gerrard's rejected score, either.
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