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  1. Last time it was a touring orchestra from Europe. Chances of it being NY Phil players are slim though, a lot of these concert are performed by freelancers via the local AFM. Sometimes it’s folks from the major orchestras, but generally not.
  2. I feel like this is a case of these self published arrangements (via these services) going under the radar of Williams' lawyers. It's long been nearly impossible for you to get the rights to arrange Williams' music for performing ensembles unless you were one of the chosen few. When I write for marching bands I always check on Williams titles, but they have been impossible to license for as long as I've been doing this.
  3. Got my ticket, I'm in row B on the end in the orchestra section. It won't be the best seat in the house, but it's close and was "only" $175. I've been to every concert he's held at David Geffen Hall, so couldn't miss this one!
  4. I was thinking about this too - it would be very welcome!
  5. I’m not sure why Denéve would work to commit Williams to a symphony for Philadelphia, he conducts there often for Williams related concerts but is not the music director there.
  6. The film, performances, and recording are all fantastic. And the updates to the book help a lot too. I love it.
  7. This should be the new David Geffen Hall too, can't wait!
  8. Omni Music teased on their Facebook that the score for Tangled is next up for them.
  9. This is all very interesting. And amidst it all I just want to reiterate that I loved WSS, my students loved it, my friends and family who saw it loved it, and I think it deserves any and all awards it can get.
  10. Remember in some cases the labels must reissue that original program as part of the deal, if I'm not mistaken. Regardless, you don't have to be a fanatical collector of cues to appreciate the different variations - for some of us a slight alternate may be our favorite version of a cue, for some of us we might appreciate the the peek into the creative process. I'm sorry this release isn't for you, but many of us will enjoy what they are presenting here.
  11. I just want to see any of the Oliver Stone titles at the point.
  12. This I agree with - ultimately it really does just boil down to personal opinions.
  13. I don't quite understand what the issue is here - As TheUlyssesian said this was a vanity project for Spielberg. Something he did for himself. If that's the case what's the problem? Everyone is getting paid, it's not going to kill Disney's bottom line, and maybe they'll get a few awards out of it. What's the problem if Spielberg wanted to make it simply because he wanted to make it? Do we forget that musicals have revivals all the time on Broadway and elsewhere? Would you have the same criticism for the umpteenth revival of WSS or Les Misersables on Broadway? Who asked for a new revival of The Music Man to be staged with stunt casting in place like Hugh Jackman (who is probably doing a great job). There's no reason to complain about these things, they exist and people will find something to enjoy about them. Sometimes you'll get lucky and find a large audience, sometimes it'll be a small one. I can tell you as a music teacher I LOVED this interpretation of West Side Story and it has received near universal praise and good word of mouth within our music education communities. Even if it was ONLY us that derived pleasure from this film I would say it was worth it.
  14. Great write-up! Lincoln and War Horse are still my favorite modern Williams, The Book Thief isn't far behind. I always appreciate seeing these threads bumped up.
  15. It's a shame that this is during the school year, I'd have loved to see him conduct the CSO!
  16. Yep, the contents of the book I think k match what’s on the website, but the titles in the book do not. It’s definitely a lot, that 6M2 situation is interesting - so many different versions! Over the next few days I’ll try to put together a full comparison so we can see what we do and don’t have, maybe do a quick mock-up or two.
  17. No problem! 1 - The actual Omni book only has two complete versions of "After Antietam", I see what they show on their site, but this is the breakdown in the book and what it all means: 1M2R Intro (Original) - The "R" leads me to this this is what they meant on their site as "After Antietam (Revised)". This is simply an alternate introduction to the cue "After Antietam" and only lasts for 6 bars. It features the "Reflection Motif" as Omni names it, a rising and falling figure in the strings. This theme itself can be identified at 1:17 in track 2 on the LLL presentation, just for reference. This cue is unused and not in any recording we have. That leads us to the next cue.... 1M2 After Antietam (With Film Intro) - This is the one that lines up with the recording on track 2 of the LLL film presentation. It features a new 6 bar introduction that replaced 1M2R. Those 6 bars feature no melody, but the two chords in it are based on the first two notes of the "Reflection Motif". This 6 bar intro is NOT on the LLL disc, I don't know if it's in the film or not. The LLL presentation (and the OST) start on bar 7 of this cue, when the choir enters. Other than missing the 6 bar intro, the LLL matches this cue exactly. 1M2ALT After Antietam - This is a shortened version of 1M2, which is 52 bars. 1M2ALT is only 13 bars and would have faded out earlier. Its instrumentation is different - pulled back and scored for a smaller ensemble, 2 clarinets, trumpet solo, timpani, percussion, boys and men's choir. The trumpet/bugle calls in this version different from the ones we hear in 1M2. It is also worth noting that the OST version of "After Antietam" does not appear in the Omni book, so there is indeed another version yet. The OST features different trumpet calls that don't appear in any version in the book and different rhythms in the melody. 2 - The Omni book has "1M4R Flashback (Film Version)" and "1M4 Flashback Version 2". "1M4R Flashback (Film Version)" - This is written as the first 12 bars of "Drei Klavierstücke" (disc 1, track 21). The cue we hear on track 3 of the album overlays for 3 bars starting in bar 10 before continuing along on its own, the source music fading out. The source music returns during the final bar of the chorus, so it overlays with the last bar of the track. "1M4 Flashback Version 2" - This matches Disc 2, Track 14 "Flashback Alternate 1". The other alternate is not featured in the book. 3 - You are correct on how that lines up, yes. The only difference is the Film Mix in LLL 1-24 does not include the orchestra entrance, and gradually fades out the field drums. 4 - Okay, so "54th Regiment" is partially source music and partially "Worth a Life". "Hoist the Flag", LLL 1-25, is present throughout the cue, albeit with repeated phrases that are not represented in the written music for "54th Regiment". "Worth a Life" overlays with the "Hoist the Flag" tune, and so it actually shares slate numbers. The contents on the Omni website are listed differently than they are in the book, "Worth a Life" is actually the "Parade Overlays" listed on the site. This is complicated and a bit of a mess...so I'm going to just explain what we have on the CD first then follow up with what's in the book: LLL 1-10 "Worth a Life" - This appears in the Omni book as "6M2 Worth a Life Version 2". LLL 2-15 "Worth a Life (Alternate 1)" - This appears in the Omni book as "6M2 Worth a Life Version 1 (Parade Overlay)" LLL 2-17 "Worth a Life (Alternate 2)" - This appears in the Omni book as "6M2 Worth a Life Version 2". It seems to be musically the same as LLL 1-10, so any differences must be only slight instrumentation changes or the pacing of the take. For example, at the climax in bar 12 the alternate takes a brisker tempo and the fadeout at the end takes longer. But musically everything seems the same. Now here's some fun stuff from the Omni book to make things more complicated: "6M2/6M3 Hoist the Flag" - This matches LLL 1-25 "Hoist the Flag". "6M2/6M3RA 54th Regiment (Film Version)" - "Hoist the Flag" beings the cue, with orchestra beginning at bar 53. The structure of "Hoist the Flag" differs from any recording we have. When the orchestra begins it starts similarly to "6M2 Worth a Life Version 2", however the melody at the beginning is elongated. Structurally it features the same themes in the same sequence, again just elongated. We do not have a recording of this as far as I can tell. "6M2/6M3R 54th Regiment" - Again starts with a version of "Hoist the Flag", followed by an orchestra entrance at bar 57. Again, basically structured the same but with different variations of the themes presented in all versions of "Worth a Life". Again, we do not have a recording of this as far as I can tell. "6M2 Worth a Life Version 1 (Parade Overlay)" - As said above, matches LLL 2-15 "Worth a Life (Alternate 1)". "6M2 Worth a Life Version 2" - As said above, this seems to match BOTH LLL 1-10 "Worth a Life" AND LLL 2-17 "Worth a Life (Alternate 2)". So...there is a lot going on with that cue. Hope that all helps @Jay, and doesn't complicate things further! 🤣
  18. This is a fantastic release, and I’ve enjoyed listening while reading along with Omni’s publication as well! The film version cues are interesting as well - with the inclusion of them there really is a lot of new music on this release. Very well done. And the sound quality of the film score truly adds a lot of clarity to the individual colors in the music. The OST presentation definitely sounds restored but it steers closer to the mixing of the original album, which is appropriate.
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