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  1. 1 minute ago, ATXHusker said:

    Totally undeserving win for Joker, what a boring score!  I’m sure it’s because she’s a woman.  Lots of girl power going on tonight...


    ...to be honest, while it's not interesting on its own - Hildur's score is extremely effective in the film.  As well as her work on Chernobyl.  She did the job, and did it well.  So please don't make excuses for her win.

  2. It is probably my favorite post-2005 Williams score, though for me it has some very strong competition from Lincoln - they both do a lot for me.  I do consider War Horse to be masterpiece level from Williams, and I think it is one of his greatest original soundtrack albums as well.  It's so well arranged and tells a complete story on its own.  In that sense I feel like the score is practically a tone poem and works as a self contained piece of programmatic music.

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