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  1. That's probably the case, though pavement makes me wary because it's uneven and stony.
  2. Are you saying that it won't successfully pick up your print information correctly? I put three prints on file; both thumbs and my right index without issue. Love the dude in the lower right in the white shirt who suspiciously gazes up. I didn't realize you could imprint more than one finger during the set up. It just said to keep tapping repeatedly so I did with my right thumb. I thought I had to fill in the little visual aid.You can only do one finger during set-up, but if you go into settings for Touch-ID after the phone is set up you can save up to five finger prints. I have the thumb
  3. This new work for brass choir could pass for one of John Williams' celebratory works in places, the whole album is great! http://open.spotify.com/track/2dfcuOPtzzzdGQsNPT1BsU
  4. Just got an email from my bank, Wells Fargo, with information about their partnership with Apple for ApplePay. It looks like even the banks will be pushing this service for their debit/credit card carriers. This sort of excitement coming from even the banks is going to be big in making this service prominent.
  5. I think I'll be going for the 3 film package, since my friends live in Brooklyn I'll just be able to stay there and save on the hotel. This is awesome, much bigger than I expected!
  6. Honestly it's worth the wait if you can hold out for another month or so. Plus you'd be getting a phone that will be supported and relevant longer than the 4S in terms of OS upgrades. And you won't have a legacy connector port on it, which is important since everything going forward will be the lightning connector.
  7. I have to agree, the 5C will likely be completely free on contract and the 5S will probably go for $100 by this time or so next month,
  8. It looks great! And you can actually see it from another angle on this page, with some written up details about it. There is also another one that looks very much like the original concept snowtrooper: http://indierevolver.com/2014/08/14/indie-revolver-exclusive-first-look-at-the-stormtroopers-from-star-wars-episode-vii/
  9. Actually she's a canon character now so in the Star Wars universe she's just as real as a Han Solo or Luke Skywalker. She won't be in Episode VII though. I know she's canon now, but the wrong era for VII!
  10. E.T.! At least one can infer that from Mattesino's Empire of the Sun interview.
  11. I was going to wait till September when school/paychecks started again, but I guess I'm sold!
  12. To be completely honest, and speaking as a classical musician, I hate the idea of not clapping between movements of a work (unless there is a SOLID musical reason not to) and even during the playing of virtuosic works like concerti. The reason why is that it alienates audience members. If an audience is appreciating something, then why not show that as they go along? It's fine in jazz, pop, rock, etc. Historically even opera allowed for it, heck in the old days people barely even watched the opera, it was a social event! Not a place to sit quietly for 3 hours. By pushing concert etiquett
  13. Ah, I was sure he'd be there! Now I'm mad I wasn't there to get some backstage time!
  14. Not an often mentioned work, but Paul Hindemith's Concert Music for Brass and Strings is a great listen. I'm a huge fan of Hindemith in general, he was an incredibly unique composer. So much of what he wrote was so uniquely him. This piece is very close in style to his various sonatas.
  15. It puts a lot of pressure on oneself! I never thought I'd be facing a grizzly death, but as long as Hornist dies before I do I'm cool with it. I go through an awful lot of 2nd horns, so statistically it's not looking good for him!
  16. The theme from James Horner's Glory, that one that follows the militaristic opening of the first track? Gorgeous.
  17. I don't think we should be looking for something "different" in an arrangement of this piece. If we get too inventive then it goes away from being something respectful or celebratory and becomes something more of an artist trying to show off - kind of like what we see with vocalists at the Super Bowl year after year. The Star-Spangled Banner shouldn't be used as a personal artistic platform to that degree, lest we start alienating the people whom the anthem really matters to.
  18. That's what he's doing. The voices have their own staves, and the piano part. He would make an educated guess as to how it's orchestrated from there.
  19. I agree, Sandoval just didn't belong performing a work like this. A new performance by a classical player will certainly be welcome!
  20. Our whole stereo system is still from the mid 1980s, believe it or not, all we did was add a CD player to the mix!
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