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  1. This is cool. You could do some Olivier Messiaen type stuff with this!
  2. Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Michel Legrand.
  3. William Ross has been amazing. They just did Umbrellas of Cherbourg, love it!
  4. Somewhere In Time, Jesus! I'm listening to this half-asleep, and still recognised it. I guessed it eventually! A lot of Barry music is just way too nondescript and neutral to me.
  5. The problem is that it sounds so familiar. I know I own it, but I can't place it!
  6. What score is in the memorial montage? I know I own it...is it Barry?
  7. She took a breath in between practically every other word! Very annoying.
  8. Mass woodwind quintet with the Philadelphia Orchestra principal players. You can see me in the horn section wearing a bright red sweater playing my fairly recently purchased triple horn.
  9. The whole 2014-2015 schedule for the Philly Orchestra looks incredible, and this was such a welcome surprise.
  10. Got mine yesterday. I haven't had a chance to comb through it, but it looks awesome. It'll be fun to check out when I have the time!
  11. We get together before the Saturday night concert. I'm glad you're making it this year!
  12. So despite some of the reservations that we may have regarding this...is anyone else just really excited that a new Star Wars movie is going to be filming in 4 months? I mean, I think that's really cool. Optimism!
  13. Not that the instrument is easy, but I do think sometimes that the difficulty of it is overstated. It's just simply different, and falls sometimes in an awkward area of the harmonic series. But with double and triple horns most of those obstacles are overcome, or at least made into less of an issue. But many school music teachers, unless they're horn players, don't quite understand the instrument and get afraid to teach it and I think that also contributes to the difficulty stigma of it. Overall though, I don't feel it's any harder than other brass instruments...just different.
  14. I stayed outside the city in Waltham last year, only about 20-25 minutes out. Very very reasonable rates.
  15. I couldn't find a separate thread for Superman Returns...but I want to say I think it is great. I didn't pay much attention to this score before the La-La Land release, but the release shows it in a truly amazing light. I think that Ottman's original themes for the film are excellent, and what he does with his own love theme and Williams' love theme is wonderful. They work very well together, with the new theme being sadder and more reflective for Superman/Lois' old connection. I just think it's a great score and this is one of the releases I've enjoyed most from the past year!
  16. I want the Attack of the Clones finale like this, that was awesome. Thanks for sharing!
  17. My guess is still on Far and Away, or a Spielberg. Empire of the Sun would be nice. Of course I'd still love for Intrada to give us Born on the Fourth of July too...hopefully that one is just a matter of time.
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    Banning Back Home.
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    There are something like 40 comments on his status, but I'll try to copy paste some relevant ones. That's the relevant stuff right now.
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    If anyone is friends with Conrad Pope on Facebook, check out his recent status about Hook today, there are some interesting tidbits about the score mentioned in the numerous comments from Pope and other professionals.
  21. Hahahaha, this is brilliant. Wow. I don't even know what to say!
  22. Tadlow/Prometheus should record this one day, honestly. Jane Eyre is very well represented by what we have, but Dracula can really shine from one of their reconstructions.
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