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  1. I have an "its not the gun that kills people, people kill people" attitude about it. The Force itself is just one energy, one power. It is the users of it that are either light or dark. Light side force users it would seem use the Force very sparingly or very subtley. Dark users use it for bobasting evil things, obvious stuff like the lightnig, choking, ect. The balance is in the usage of the Force, sort of keeping it to a minimum. That way there isn't just Jedi subtleties and bombastic Sith powers, just the Force. It's hard for me to explain, but it makes sense in my head.
  2. March From 1941 - my favorite. By the way, does anyone have the piano transcription of it?
  3. I was just wondering, because i love hearing the piano recordings of othe JW pieces, but this one i am most interestd in heraing. If you know of any could you let me know? Thanks!
  4. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but i believe the throne room theme appears: 1. During the Hyperspace cue as the rebel fleet prepares to jump. 2. At the end of the end credits fanfare.
  5. Not to be a stickler but it really annoys me when people call the horn a "French" Horn. The official name for horn is Horn in F or just horn for short. IT IS NOT FRENCH. I'm only touchy about that because thats what I play. Its my favorite instrument too.
  6. I would like it if maybe someone could pm me a link to this soundtrack. Thanks.
  7. I hum all the time, and often get in trouble witht those around me who constantly tell me to stop. I love doing full orcehstrations and tracks too, I can't just start and not get to the end. I make up action tracks in Williams style too, mostly in the shower (where I hum the loudest).
  8. most of the braveheart score, the chandelier crash cue from the phantom of the opera movie, and grievous' theme from track one of rots, and most of all, seven years in tibet...my favorite.
  9. Jule move out of the way, force heal a lot. then throw your lightsaber a lot. also try to throw the barrles at it using the force.
  10. Are the complete LOTR scores being released this year?
  11. Yeah and umm...that little chase through coruscant cameo in chamber of secrets wasn't the most cutsy idea ever...
  12. Now, I actually just watched chamber of secrets for the first time the other day and i have a question... during the quidditch game is music tracked in from the chase through coruscant sequence in attack of the clones?
  13. thats movie stars for ya...jack@$%s. thats why we like the behind the scenes people.
  14. On the subject of roots, does anyone else feel a definate connection between The Immolation Scene and Leaving Ingrid from Seven Years in Tibet?
  15. The sheet music makes my mouth water for more. Have you made anymore recently?
  16. I have to say Prisoner of Azkaban too, although it can't compare with the complete score for Return of the King, the last truely awe-inspiring soundtack I've heard. Anakin's Dark deeds definately deserves an honorable mention though, espcially with the complete ending.
  17. I like the beggining, before the force theme, and everything from grievous' theme onward to the end.
  18. how much time do you have? becuase i can write it out for you, but i can't do it until tomorrow.
  19. then get May the Force be With You for piano, then have them bring the force theme up an octave.
  20. I don't know if you can extract it because its not on pc, but the ROTS videogame has duel of the fates without chorus also.
  21. There is no official release of the sheet music for the sequence, but you can get May the Force be With You which is like a concert arrangement of the force theme. You could note match the sequence by ear or with a keyboard (which is in the same key as flute) and just write it down. Unless you have taken a music theory class or such and can do it by ear, i think you best bet is to do it on keyboard to match the pitches, rhythems, and chords.
  22. How can I change the file from m3u to mp3 to burn it to a disc?
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