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  1. I'm not necessarily looking for new or fresh ideas from Williams..he's writing what he enjoys. Not every new piece from Strauss, or Schubert, or Liszt was breaking new ground. Not every work has to. It's enough to just have new music to enjoy from one of my favorite composers, no matter whether it treads old ground or not.
  2. Especially based on the clip Jason embedded I can already tell I'm going to love this score. This is exactly the kind of stuff I love hearing the most. It's funny how only 5 or 6 years ago I was itching for bombast in the music I hear, but now the more intimate the better for me.
  3. Oh, I'll definitely see him in NY, thanks for the heads up!
  4. Did you listen to that on Sirius last night? Haha I did too, I've never heard it performed with a choir before.
  5. This is incredible, I never thought that this would see a release beyond maybe rerecording the score itself. Awesome!
  6. Oh that looks cool and really fits in with the LotR EE's almost perfectly down to the disc design. I'd get that version in a heartbeat if it became available here.That's the version I want!
  7. The DVD version has the best cover, but I really wish that they had matched the style of the LOTR EE DVD's packaging, that faux book style.
  8. The music is wonderful of course, but I also have to mention how much I enjoyed the booklets. It makes the music the true topic rather than providing too much background on the film and it's production, etc, which I don't often find interesting. I enjoy reading more about the music than anything else, so this was nice.
  9. I order every release direct from them, usually don't get a shipping notice. But everything is always fine. When I ordered Lawrence of Arabia it didn't show up for month, so James sent a replacement ASAP. Eventually I did get the first copy he mailed out as well, several months later.
  10. Bruce doesn't actually send out shipping notices, though every package has tracking and he can reference that. He usually posts in the FSM thread for each release when he starts shipping them. I received my copy today direct from Kritzerland, if you don't have it today I'd bet you'll have it by tomorrow. No worries!
  11. AOTC actually does have a female soloist in "Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale". Doubt it was Scott though, she's a big enough name that she'd be credited on the album somewhere.
  12. I read that a few months ago. My first Lem, and not an easy read, partly because I suspect the translation to have had too much of a style of its own. Still intriguing. After that I finished The Hunchback of Notre Dame and was going to continue with Les miserables, until I found out that my 600 pages version had been truncated by about a thousand from the original 1600. So instead I'm currently reading A Song of Ice and Fire. 160 pages into A Clash of Kings at this point, and haven't continued watching the TV series since the beginning of May. I'm terribly afraid of spoilers now. Abridged Les
  13. So I listened to the whole thing on a long drive yesterday, the Limited Edition version. I'll be honest and say I enjoyed it. I didn't love it in the film, but on album it worked, at least for background music. Especially the quiet material, it's lovely. And I really do get a sense of optimism and hope from the quiet stuff, and the flight theme. I don't know, I think I actually get what Zimmer was going for. I expected to hate it, but I found it good, uplifting at times. I'm not a Zimmer fan, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron, Muppet Treasure Island, Lion King, At World's End, Frost/Nixon,
  14. Peterson House & Finale from Lincoln would be great to have if you can!
  15. I don't remember is Luthor was mentioned by name, but there is a Lex-Corp truck in the film that gets smashed into. Also The Daily Planet globe is seen in the film at the end as well.
  16. Just reposting my thread from FSM. Please email me rather than PM so I can keep better track of requests, thanks! Hi all, Paypal only. $3 shipping in the US plus $1 for each additional CD. Free delivery confirmation on orders above $25 $6 shipping outside the US plus $1 for each additional CD. All have been opened and listened to unless noted. Email me: jbrausam at gmail.com Film Score Monthly 36 Hours (Dmitri Tiomkin) - $8The Naked Spur (MGM Westerns box 2, various) - $70The Prodigal (Bronislau Kaper) - $7 Intrada Special Collection A Child is Waiting (Ernest Gold) - $25The Bi
  17. This is a cute one. Edit: doesn't seem to have posted. Damn ipad.
  18. I'm glad you were able to finally get an autograph! Maybe next year will be my lucky year for it. It was a great concert, Lincoln was certainly a highlight and differed from the OST quite a bit at times. I'll write more when I get home tomorrow. It was great meeting all of you!
  19. The Accidental Tourist would have been great to hear, it's a shame it was replaced! Same with The Throne Room, which I'd prefer to hear over the other Star Wars selections. But otherwise I really like that program!
  20. Nope, but we should know after tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if it's similar to the Baltimore program.
  21. I was going to hit the Baltimore concert as well this year, an old teacher of mine from Towson plays in the orchestra, but I decided to go to a David Sedaris reading/book signing tonight instead.
  22. I really think that the limiting factor in Desplat's HP scores was Yates' musical wishes, not an inability on Desplat's part to write something grand.
  23. What time do you think we'd be doing dinner at, 5:30 or 6ish?
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