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  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that hears Rozsa in Powell's scores, including in Solo! What a great source to pull inspiration from.
  2. I'm sorry I haven't been following this thread because I wasn't interested in reissues - but TPM was rebuilt for this? And the other prequels too I assume? So sound quality and mixing/mastering should be different now?
  3. The encores were the new Han and Leia, and Imperial March. I was was directly across the aisle from where he sat! I saw you guys, didn’t realize you were on the board!
  4. Seeing the film would have to support this, but track 10, "Sorrento Punked" has the Terminator percussion in it, it first appears about :40 into it. I think it pops up in a subsequent track as well.
  5. Fascinating! The song that was just performed from greatest Showman, one of the snare drummers on stage was a former student of mine!
  6. Interesting! I didn't realize they made those adjustments for the Film Concert version.
  7. An arranging job does need to be done. While the music and orchestrations don't necessarily need to change, the lengths of the songs and underscore may very well need to. You don't always have complete versions of songs int he film adaptations, so some songs will likely be shortened. Some underscore may need to extended. Things like that.
  8. I have the Music Behind the Magic CD's, and I never listen to those alternates anyway. This seems to be the complete film program, so I'm good with that. It's a shame there wasn't room for that extra stuff for the people who don't have it though.
  9. Haha, I'm personal friends with someone in an orchestra he conducted 2 years ago.
  10. Not for nothing, as I own the Rhino King of Kings myself as well as the FSM box, but have you seen the second hand prices for KoK? https://www.amazon.com/King-Kings-Miklos-Rozsa/dp/B00006311P/ref=sr_1_2?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1515102228&sr=1-2&keywords=king+of+king+rozsa It's as bad as the LoTR complete recordings situation.
  11. Usually they have the new signature editions on display at the Midwest Clinic, which starts on Wednesday this week. I'll be there, so if there is anything aside from that there I'll report back.
  12. The score was even better on my second viewing of the film. All the repetitive stuff from previous films clicked in the texture much better. And new variations of old themes are great too, along with the completely new themes as well. It's really a great score.
  13. Wonder why some tracks are published solely by BMI. Maybe those will be concert works available?
  14. It was a fantastic statement of the theme actually, better than any in the prequel scores.
  15. Throughout the film they spent time setting up that these projections could effect the character on the other side. Such as Kylo feeling pain from Rey’s blast shot and getting water on his hands while communicating with Rey in the rain. luke’s exertion coupled with some very possible physical consequences are what killed him, at least that’s how I interpreted it.
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