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  1. No, they really did screen a short teaser and show some art. Granted the teaser wasn't any filmed footage, since nothing has been filmed.
  2. That doesn't bother me really. It's been ten years since the last game, I'm okay with revisiting planets and battles. I'm very leery about shooters these days, I feel like they've gotten too complex for me. I was great at the original Battlefronts and they were a lot of fun for me, but I really struggle in modern shooters. I'm hoping at the least the option to go 3rd person again will help make it fun for me like the old ones, because I can't stand 1st person.
  3. The most important things to me were confirmed today - you CAN play in third person, which is what I was hoping for. We'll get dogfighting again, all atmospheric. And it looks that there may more or less be a single player conquest type mode. I'm excited!
  4. I don't know how anyone could have something against the trailer music! I personally do think it's 100% Williams, aside from maybe the percussion. But even if it weren't, who cares? It sounds wonderful and evokes exactly the mood that we all look for in these Star Wars trailers. Great stuff! It's useless to be cynical and over-analytic of these things. Just take it all in and let it affect you like it's meant to.
  5. That's what I figure, probably violin 1&2. The only reason I mentioned synth is because those could also indicate to use a string sample in that style. But violins are more likely.
  6. 1m6-9 isn't a full score page, looks to be an individual player's part. Probably violin 1&2 or synth, based on how it looks.
  7. The AFM is really happy about this, they had a blurb about it in the president's email out to the union last week. Talked about the amount of wages and benefits it's bringing in and all. Cool stuff.
  8. I wouldn't say Kritzerland does anything really strange. I think it's just that Bruce is in a position to pursue and release scores that he really enjoys and wats to see out there, and he will occasionally look into a title based on demand or tip for a customer. Really I think it's great that he can get a lot of obscure material out there, and the occasional big title like the Rózsa he put out a year or so ago.
  9. I always enjoy a new Horner score, even if he does repeat himself. He has such great dramatic sensibilities. I'll even find myself looking for quotes and old themes going in new directions, it's fun to hear what he does with that material. And every score he's done in the last few years since Avatar has had some really quality material. Behind Williams, Horner is my favorite working composer in the film industry.
  10. Fair, I guess it's a trade off. We've done balcony twice, so I'm going to order floor seats this year. We'll be there on Saturday.
  11. Is the sound on the floor bad? We were thinking about going down there this year.
  12. Williams won't be summoning any LSO players, and he certainly doesn't need to. LA musicians are just as good. I think that people tend to think the LSO is the be-all-end-all orchestra. They are good, and prolific in recordings, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're the best. Any number of LA musicians, or musicians from other orchestras could hold their own against them. Williams has worked exclusively with the LA players for 10 years now, and they're going to give him the performance he's looking for.
  13. Every orchestra has a different sound, that's not a debatable thing. Music is created by human beings, and different human beings will perform music differently from other human beings. That's why a Beethoven symphony can stand having so many new recordings, the interpretation is in flux in every performance of a work of music. The question is this - how is a different sound or interpretation more or less valid than another? And if one interpretation is more valid - are people aware that the LSO of 1983 is a different LSO than that of 1999? And that the LSO of 2015 is different from the LS
  14. Yeah....I don't get what people have against the LA musicians. As Alexander said, many of them are members of the major orchestras out there. The only benefit of having the LSO is to have the chemistry of the players in an organized orchestra. But these players play together often enough that this can't be an issue. And Williams has his list of people to contract, he's been using these people exclusively for ten years now, and much longer before. The players know what Williams is looking for in his performances. The LSO hasn't dealt with Williams in 10 years.
  15. This is probably why he couldn't make it work with Bridge of Spies after his health delay, if the writing and recording for Star Wars is going to be spread out over a period of months.
  16. The page is up! Tickets go up next Monday. I'll be doing the Saturday show. http://www.bso.org/Performance/Detail/70830
  17. I'm a lot more confident in this film, based on the title. It doesn't sound like a Han Solo or Fett film, so I'm game.
  18. The article mentioned that they are trying to get Toy Story ready for D23, so really it sounds like legitimate production delays and not a cancellation.
  19. I was thinking the same, I hope the Intrada release keeps the same packaging scheme.
  20. http://www.stitchkingdom.com/disney-legacy-collection-release-calendar-updated-74528/ With an originally advertised release date of March 17, 2015 looming dangerously near with no official mention of the Toy Story 20th Anniversary entry in the Disney Music Emporiums Legacy Collection, several readers have reached out to us asking if we had any additional information. We, in turn, have reached out to Disney Music to confirm rumors that the Toy Story album may be delayed and we regret to report that a delay has in fact been confirmed to us. While we have seen reports about a May release, the inf
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