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  1. Williams' drama scores are some of my favorites. I loved Munich, and I really enjoy Presumed Innocent and Sleepers, really interesting scores that no one ever mentions.
  2. I can't find any information about a US release date, but I guess I can hold out.m it's on Spotify.
  3. I have to imagine work on these titles was more than well underway. I'm pretty disappointed, I've been loving this collection. At least Pocahontas is still listed, that was the one I was most looking forward to at this point.
  4. Now the questionfor me is whether to wait for the CD or buy a digital release...
  5. The Philadelphia Orchestra is going to be doing LOTR live at the Mann Center this summer, along with The Godfather. I don't know which LOTR movies it'll be, it could just be Fellowship, but the whole trilogy would be cool. They're doing several rehearsals, so it may be more than just the first film. That's all the info I have right now, more info will be available once they release the summer schedule.
  6. I wouldn't consider the lack of an Amazon preorder a sign of a cancellation of this collection. I think Disney has put some money into the Legacy Collection, and they seem proud of it. Not to mention by this point the restoration would be done. It'll show up at some point.
  7. This is true! The conductor's circle seating can be pretty fun. Verizon Hall is massive too. Lots of room for seating there.
  8. To me, a new Horner score is the next most exciting thing after a new Williams. Can't wait!
  9. All the best! We've received so many gifts from you!
  10. Having a different director on each film has been one of the most attractive things about this new trilogy to me.
  11. The Philadelphia Orchestra announced their 2015-2016 season today and announced that John Williams will be conducting the orchestra for a benefit concert on May 4th 2016. Totally getting myself backstage for this, hahaha. Awesome! https://www.philorch.org/concert/john-williams?date=2016-05-04_20-00#/
  12. I was really hoping to not have to take the trip to Tanglewood! August is such a busy month. I'll be in for the Saturday show in May.
  13. Usually the upper tier rewards all include the previous rewards on Kickstarters.
  14. That's just Tanglewood tickets though it looks like, right? At least I didn't see anything about Film Night yet.
  15. He has a new hard bound edition of his manuscript for the symphony, with a bunch of statements from other composers and stuff inside and a CD of the original recording. It's utterly excessive at $125, and I heckled it a bit in front of him at a clinic, but didn't realize he was standing there. Later on I thumbed through it while standing by him and only managed to say to him "that's some volume." He glared at me, then looked down at his computer. My worst composer interaction ever!
  16. Johan De Meiji I think I pissed off De Meiji when I met him, though I didn't realize it was him till after I said what I said....
  17. Agreed! Really that's the way it should have been, and I wonder if that was the intention at some point. As you said, it contradicts what Leia said in Jedi. Padme certainly could have lived, and perhaps died early in the Rebellion.
  18. I never realized there was film version of that!
  19. My biggest problems with it come down to 3 things: 1. Grievous' characterization, I realize he was a throwaway to get Anakin and Obi-Wan apart, but he was built up so well in the animated series that preceded the film. He had the potential to be a truly menacing character, and he really had the design to seem threatening. There was some lost potential there. 2. The speed with which Anakin gives himself to Palpatine. 3. Padme's cop out reason for dying. Her character has always been portrayed as strong and independent, so this was out of character for her. Everything else I liked very much
  20. The "Padme's Ruminations" sequence before Anakin decides to run to Palpatine and protect him is also very well done.
  21. Isn't that the Jesu Lord melody? Yup it is! The orchestration and context of the sequence really connects it to BotFA for me though.
  22. Definitely one of the greatest moments of the trilogy. If only the rest of it lived up to the potential of that sequence!
  23. The part at 2:05 in "Shores of the Long Lake", is that Bard's leadership theme that people talk about? Before seeing the film and without the context of the scene I could not get it out of my head that at the start of that section it was very similar in tone (and orchestration with the chamber strings, which struck me first) to a passage in Rózsa's Quo Vadis score. Following the burning of Rome, 1:40 in "Tu Es Petrus". This scene, like "Shores of the Long Lake" also deals with the aftermath of a huge fire: http://youtu.be/b5oORXWrvbs?t=1m38s It's not that it's a huge similarity, but but it
  24. WTF? Les Misérables has great music (and I'm talking about the actual music here, not the songs)! Since when are the songs not actual music? Into the Woods is miles ahead of the 2012 Les Mis. The adaptation really works, and all of the performers were excellent (though Depp doesn't really belong in musicals...). Even Chris Pine did an excellent job, the princes' number "Agony" got a lot of laughs from the audience and is performed very well. I think the biggest problem with the performances in Les Mis is the fact that they were all live on set performances. This works great on stage with ac
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