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  1. That's probably what I'm hearing here. There's no real depth to the recording at all.
  2. Did people have an issue with the mixing? It's hard for me to really pinpoint it, but certain tracks sound like compressed MP3 files to me sometimes, like the second half of Fire and Water. Over all I'm not very happy with the sound on the album, though I've been loving the music.
  3. I finally treated myself to a PS4 yesterday. Bestbuy.com had a downloadable game bundle for just $350, with Far Cry 4 as one of the free games. So I was able to buy some Best Buy e-gift cards with my Visa gift cards and ended up getting the PS4 with game download for $250 out of pocket. I couldn't pass up the deal!
  4. It's really a great show, and so far seems like a much more consistent show than Clone Wars was.
  5. Working as a teacher in a school, it's great hearing the kids talk about the trailer and their (sometimes far fetched) theories. They even love Star Wars Rebels!
  6. Possibly, yes. So remember: I could strip you from your title just as easily as I gave it to you! Once it's done, it's done! I shall forever remain, the Merciful One. The Arkenstone and Erebor themes work very well in that context, as well as a lot of the Smaug material. I also loved the use of A Hobbit's Understanding in AUJ for this reason as well.
  7. The forever optimistic Star Wars fan in me loves that this trailer has become sort of a cultural phenomenon of its own, inspiring some really great art, adaptations, and discussion.
  8. Really the writing in this score is much closer to true Wagnerian leitmotif writing. Most of Wagners themes were very short too, but they were pervasive in his scores for Nibelungen.
  9. The problem with the EU situation though is that it would limit what future films could show unless they adapted existing books, tried to work around them (difficult), or moved outside the timeline or established characters. That is a LOT of baggage for film makers. These books and stories can still be enjoyed on their own, but artistically would you want to be bound by what a million authors before you decided to do?
  10. The X-Wings are new models anyway, check out the nose and the way the wings split.
  11. I'm sold on the Batman set just knowing that it has the complete Batwing 1 cue. I do have the Elfman/Burton set with this on it, but I want it on the same disc! So for that and the upgraded sound I'll happily sell my old copies.
  12. Really, to me it makes perfect sense that the Empire is still around, at least in some form. In ROTJ the Emperor and Vader are killed, a space station destroyed, and maybe a few star destroyers. That's really it, that's all we saw on screen. The various celebratory scenes paint the picture of a complete defeat of the Empire, yes, but that can also just be taken as people coming out and celebrating the death of the Emperor rather than the whole Empire itself. Those scenes are really the main problem. But you have to figure, this is a galaxy wide empire controlling thousands of star systems.
  13. It's just a couple stingers with bass instruments. That doesn't make it a reworking.
  14. Also, a cool thing, right as we see Boyega's opening shot you can hear what sounds like one of the Hoth probe droids in the audio mix. I wonder if that's just a bit of an easter egg or if we'll see something similar to them in the film.
  15. This trailer is going to make Star Wars look cool again to the masses, I feel like that's a guarantee. It's visually far away from the look of prequels, and I think that is something that will play well with a lot of people, even subconsciously. I've seen a lot of positive on Facebook about this today from people who I'd never expect to see enjoying Star Wars (openly, at least), most of the negativity I've seen toward it has primarily come from people I know to be cynical and over analyze things. I mean guys....it's Star Wars and it looks cool. People and the media are going to eat it up, a
  16. I watched it. I enjoyed it. Actually I loved it. The shot of the X-Wings was gorgeous, I can't pull that from my mind!
  17. I don't know about any of you, but I've seen a very concerning number of people on Facebook today reposting the above fan trailer and really believing it's real. And worst of all? Talked positively of it.
  18. Jay, don't forget the Ironfoot track, courtesy of BloodBoal Courtesy of BloodBoal? I had it long before that! And in my post right before yours, I mention that Ironfoot is one of the highlights for me! LOVE the ending with the choral Lake-town theme!!! Choral Laketown?? Interesting! I haven't checked out the samples for this one, I want to go in fresh for the last one. But these descriptions sound cool!
  19. I would assume it would be a live recording of the concert. Most concert music in the US isn't done in studio recording environments anymore due to costs.
  20. This didn't create nostalgia, all it did was distract me because I constantly heard note for note Williams material. There's a difference between writing in the OT style, and outright stitching together cues.
  21. I wanted to make it out that weekend to see Alpine Symphony but didn't have the time! Mahler's Resurection is coming at the end of the month though, so I'll definitely be stopping in for that.
  22. Oh! I didn't get get to check out Williams' Gettysburg piece!
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