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  1. I don't think Shazam labeled it "The Album Finale" as much as they labeled it "The Rise of Skywalker Album - Finale", to help differentiate it from other "finale" tracks, on countless other albums, in their database. I don't think it is because they know it is different in the film.
  2. I love the Finale. I thought it was a great mix of TROS themes and classic themes to end the saga. It brought a huge smile to my face when the “Main Titles” appeared. That is THE Star Wars theme and it felt like it was coming back for one last encore performance. Then the throne room ending has always been my favorite end credits ending so, I loved it. I hope this ending makes it into the film. Like I said, for me it’s an encore of the best movie theme of all times. Bravo, Mr. Williams, bravo for your unforgettable 42 year journey!
  3. Now you need to make a whole series in this style for the other 6 movies in the saga!!!!
  4. So, is the version of Spirit on the OST the same as the single released recently? I can only listen to the single through Apple Music.
  5. I saw that this was available on Apple Music now. Well, every track except track 14, the new Beyonce song. The only way to listen to that song is by going to the Beyonce single version. Haven't listen to the OST yet, just found it odd that you can't listen to the whole album through Apple Music. I have only been an Apple Music sub for about a month so, maybe happens more often, still seems odd to me.
  6. I always thought books like this or the LOTR music book would work great as an interactive digital version. Where you could tap on the musical score images and it would play the measures pictured, especially for those of us that don't know how to read music.
  7. So, from your break down, does it appear to be in chronological order for the most part (except for the suite)?
  8. Listened to it and the album sounds horrible. I know they were going for a modern sound but, damn, there is so much bass at times that it drowns out the lyrics. Even the score tracks don't escape the waves of bass overkill. It's just not a pleasant album to listen too. I've enjoyed these remakes mostly, not loved them but enjoyed them and was really excited for Aladdin, since it is one of my favorite Disney movies. They've butchered these songs on the album so I don't hold out much hope for the movie, which is really disappointing.
  9. No but, a power crazy mod got upset with 2 post in the custom cover art thread and closed it down. The one thread not about illegally sharing stuff and it gets shut down, go figure. It it was a great thread with many talented people posting their designs. @heidl and @tintacle are two of the best from that thread.
  10. Glad to see you hear @tintacle. Ashamed what happened to the cover art thread on that "other site".
  11. I really hope this is still available when I get paid at the end of February, I won’t have the extra money until then. Come on LLL, hide one for me please!
  12. My LLL account page still says awaiting shipment. This is my Christmas gift and now I’m not sure it will get here in time.
  13. I order mine today!! Only down side is that this is a Christmas gift that my wife is going to wrap and not let me listen too it until Christmas, assuming I get it by then. I remember listening to the HP1 ost for the first time back when it was originally released. After my first listen I wasn’t convinced that it was going to be a memorable score. I enjoyed it but it didn’t fascinate me on that first listen. It probably didn’t help that I’m not a huge fan of the movies and have never read the books. Fast forward to now and of course it is memorable and has become one of my favorite
  14. Thanks for the explanation Marty, it makes since. I actually haven't listened to any of the commentary episodes except The Incredibles. After listening to that one I decided to wait until I had time to sync them up with the movie instead of listening in my car and on my phone. I should probably just listen to them already, since I'm not succeeding with finding the time to sync them up.
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