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  1. Exactly and if they were worried about security (as I would be) they have the option of leaving it with my next door neighbour or literally just ticking a box on the delivery card that tells me to collect it from their sorting office. Or just try to deliver the next day. Ah well. Outer box was a bit smelly (had to open it outside!) but no damage done to the discs, which I'm now in the process of ripping. Don't tell the police! If it happens again I'm going to ask what I've done to them
  2. I could genuinely imagine them saying it wasn't secure enough while putting my deliveries in the trash.
  3. Yep. Happened with LLL's Wrath of Khan as well. No accounting for taste I guess...
  4. Well after a long wait, my order was finally delivered. Royal Mail did it again though...
  5. Mine moved to Compton this morning! I wonder if it'll hang around or move "straight outta..." Thank you. I'm here all week.
  6. My package hasn't moved from some random LA zip code since 8th. Hoping they just stopped tracking it and it'll arrive here in the UK any day now.
  7. Finally awaiting shipment! I should have ordered Spider-Man separately
  8. It's definitely included on the 50th anniversary Blu-ray boxset. Think it's listed under the languages option rather than extras though
  9. Ordered Amistad, TND, Spider-Man and The Godfather
  10. Here's a crazy idea. Fellowship of the Ring as one of the titles that was delayed. Originally planned for its 20th anniversary last year and now nicely ties in to the renewed interest in Middle Earth and it's music. Remastered and presenting the music as intended I'll keep dreaming...
  11. A question for Bear then Definitely feels right though. Don't know what else something called Song of Paradise would be referring to.
  12. Great opportunity, congratulations! I wonder if he'd be able to confirm his intentions to release the music for future seasons in the same way. A generous season spanning highlights album with complete/near complete weekly episodic albums?
  13. Could "Song of Paradise" be the Valinor theme? Could explain why it appears in episode 1 with characters singing when Bear didn't join until after the shoot, and why he says there's an interesting story behind the theme appearing there.
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