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  1. Letter boxes in doors over here. Just little flaps. Also got it in a padded envelope but it was too thick to go through the letterbox.
  2. Probably thought it was the safest place for it if none of my neighbours were in to take delivery for me.
  3. My copy arrived today (along with LLL's Schindler's List) while I was at work. Came home to a note from the postman to say the package was in the dustbin (trash can) so I had to go bin diving to retrieve it...nice... Anyhoo, the sound is blowing my socks off! Listening to Surprise Attack as I type and it sounds incredible.
  4. Ha, thanks! When not obsessing over scores I've also been building a new PC over the last few months
  5. Shipped! Hopefully I'll have it by this time next week. Heavy couple of weeks for me with this, Schindler's List, Eiger, The River and Monsignor. Going to need bigger shelves soon!
  6. Yeah First Contact is definitely a new master. They still use the old one for the commentary tracks and the difference is instantly noticeable. Much less DNR on all of them that have been updated so far.
  7. iTunes Movies has the new masters for 1-3 and First Contact. They all look significantly better than the previous Blu-ray's. Much more filmic and detailed. Nice colours too.
  8. Out of interest, has anyone had a shipping notice yet? I've not but also not convinced it won't just show up at my door in the next few days. Pretty sure that has happened to me with other LLL releases.
  9. That 2" 22 track analog tape has 50th anniversary reissue written all over it I joke of course. There's probably very little if anything to be gained compared to the new 1/2" high res transfer.
  10. Agreed. We've got complete scores for all the film's. New reissues of those complete scores apparently starting up (if there's anything to be done with the others?) and an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the TV scores. Best treated franchise in terms of music releases?
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