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  1. How have I been completely unaware of the more complete edit lurking around out there? Of course I'm not scouring Google. No sir... An official expanded release can not come fast enough!
  2. I can't hear a good portion of 'The 1960's: The Turblent Years' without imagining that it could easily be some sort of alternate for Anakin vs Obi Wan. Always thought that its more than passing resemblence to Across the Stars in parts with the action feel made it quite a good fit for the mood of the scene!
  3. I'm also waiting for Minority Report and a few others to become available for ordering again. I'll still pull the trigger even if the sale ends before they come back, but it would be nice to have the saving
  4. I can't see. A man of Williams' status needs to keep things locked down I suppose.
  5. This is all the information I can see. It's clearly the real deal. He even has album covers as his cover photo!
  6. No idea. Maybe he wrote the songs in the film?? Came from a comment I made on Facebook on an advert for the Remasters.
  7. A subscription service for labels like LLL and Intrada is something I'd take up without a second thought! Here's hoping for the future Still love CD and will continue to collect them as long as I can but like you, it doesn't escape me that there's the potential for higher quality out there. Whether it actually makes a great deal of noticeable difference is, I think, still up for debate 😂
  8. I found La-La Land's Airplane! on Tidal over the weekend. Don't know if that has always been available on streaming or not though!
  9. I went for the Cyrus Soundkey. Noticed a nice improvement in overal quality and detail from my PC and phone.
  10. I added a USB DAC & headphone amp to my audio set up last week. It's really helped in terms of listening to music on the computer. Not having to reply on my PCs soundcard and all the buzzing/interference that came with that. Has anyone else used USB DACs and what difference did you notice?
  11. My partner and I had to move at the very start of lockdown. Our house purchase completely immediately before it happened and the new house was vacant so we were able to continue. It kept us busy for a little while but COVID-19 added a whole bunch of stress to it all. With the move only being from a flat to a house 10 minutes walk away, I've not seen anything or anyone beyond walking distance for 2 months now and I'm beginning to really struggle in terms of mental wellbeing. Workwise, I'm a course administrator at a Conservatoire (incidentally at least one of our academics recorded for LOTR and recent Star Wars scores among others) and this hit just as we had finalised the schedule for summer performance exams. We've had to very quickly change plans to switch to video submissions which has been...stressful to say the least! Working from home as its plus points though and I'm lucky to be in a position where my day-to-day work can actually be done without too much difficulty.
  12. I'm liking the new colour grading on the OT. From what I've seen it looks much more natural and less "over baked" than the 2011 discs.
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