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  1. Absolutely love this theme. Might be my favourite of his Disney era Star Wars themes.
  2. American Werewolf In London has a fantastic transfer
  3. This is probably what you'd call the perfect expanded release of the score, were it not for the Sony release causing Mike and LLL to feel the need to include all the wrong takes released in 1999 on their 3 disc set (if I'm understanding that situation correctly?). Complete final score and all of the significant alternates plus a remastered OST. Had I missed the 3 disc set I'd be very satisfied with this release and delighted with the opportunity to get my hands on it.
  4. It's crazy to me that we now have the complete scores for Solo and Rogue One, masses of music for the various TV shows and a three hour(!) soundtrack for a video game yet we're still waiting for definitive releases of the John Williams scores. I'm more sure than ever that they are coming - I just hope they do them right!
  5. I mean, it just looks like it has a similar aesthetic to The Hobbit trilogy. Certainly doesn't look any worse. I don't really get the onslaught of negativity it seems to be getting everywhere. I'll give it a chance and hope for the best.
  6. A very welcome surprise! Also, worth noting that this confirms Disney are willing to shell out for a complete Star Wars score recorded in LA. Safe to assume then that union issues need not prevent the sequel trilogy scores being expanded.
  7. Surprised to see that the entire boxset is already on Tidal!
  8. LLL has replied to say they'll be sending replacement cases to me when they get back in January. As always, it's not the problem that matters but how it's resolved. Fantastic notes by Mike as always. The music sounds great and it's surprising how much like Williams it all sounds. Goes to show how much of an impact that "adapted and conducted by" credit can have. It's an interesting release to be sure - never thought I'd be satisfied with an official expansion that included sound effects in some tracks due to the lack of clean elements, but they actually work for me. I'll try the suggested chronological playlist. Suppose I actually need to watch the film now!
  9. I really like it, but I have an irrational dislike of the fade in/out on the OST and LLL set.
  10. Excitement of having received this and Always in the post today somewhat cooled by both cases being pretty smashed up! Oh well, just the chance you take with ordering online from overseas I suppose! A little surprised it was just a jiffy bag rather than a box for two sets though.
  11. Another great episode, as always @TownerFanand @mahler3! Just the little nudge I needed to order the set. My wallet "thanks" you ;).
  12. Things like the Potter box, Star Trek: TMP, ET, Close Encounters and all the other grail releases they've given us are going to be very hard indeed to top. Still, although there's not much here I'm personally excited about (I might get Fiddler though), it seems like a decent mix of releases that are bound to satisfy a lot of collectors. Just maybe not this particular crowd
  13. Letter boxes in doors over here. Just little flaps. Also got it in a padded envelope but it was too thick to go through the letterbox.
  14. Probably thought it was the safest place for it if none of my neighbours were in to take delivery for me.
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