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  1. Wow. This is a big one for me. The film meant a lot to me as a young boy. Not to get too involved or emotional about it, but I first saw The Land Before Time when I was around 5. My parents were divorcing and I was dealing with death for the first time in losing my grandfather. A film that centered around finding your family again was a bit of an anchor for a young Alan, and to this day I can barely get past the first few scenes with dry eyes. It was also one of the very first times I became aware of music and has remained one of my favourite scores ever since, despite never actual
  2. Sorry guys, I didn't ask any questions - most of the people there were film and composition students so the questions were quite rightly focused on the career path and techniques. A really great event though with some great stories (John Powell at John Williams' house playing ideas for Solo and being embarrassed by sketches with names like "Fuck Chewie"). I don't know if Tim Burden is on here, but thank you to @TownerFan for co-hosting. Edit: Thanks @mahler3!
  3. I thought the restrictions on the Williams cues only extended to the use of the LA recordings? They are (what ever they actually are), included on the DE in any case since we know that everything from the film and more is going to be included. They'll just be the versions recorded in London. All very confusing. If Powell had to take the Williams material and re-work it from the demo stage up to recording to integrate it in to the score I don't see why those cues wouldn't be part of a printed score release. I have no indepth knowledge of the complexities of how all this works though
  4. It feels like something that makes a lot of sense tbh. John Powell seems to be on a bit of a roll with special releases at the moment so I wouldn't be at all surprised if there is a Solo release coming from Omni. I just wish I could read music well enough to get something out of the printed scores! I guess we don't know the release date for the Solo DE because it hasn't really been "officially" announced yet, has it? I mean in terms of the actual record label announcing it. John's teases have been more like someone that is on the same wavelength as the fans giving them something to
  5. Someone (I forget where), made the interesting point that including the cue numbers is a nice tie-in with the HTTYD printed score. If he's done the same with the Solo tracklist it might point to something similar happening.
  6. "John (big fan btw!), can you tell us how the process went for getting the Solo DE released? Did Disney take a lot of convincing or are releases like this something they were already open to/exploring?"
  7. Is anyone else going to the Zoom Q&A event with John Powell in a couple of hours? I just booked my ticket. Might be able to get some answers then
  8. Victoria, I work at a Conservatoire and while I can't help you directly with this one, have you spoken to your Head of Department or the library at your instituion? Maybe they have something or know someone that has performed the pieces. Worth a try
  9. Not that it should be surprising, but it's nice to see that Intrada is interested (because why wouldn't they be?) and actively trying to get this on CD. I assume when he says "these" he is also referring to The Mandalorian?
  10. Listening to the film version of the End Credits now. I wonder if the original, unedited version we're getting on the Deluxe Edition will feature a version of The Adventures of Han recorded in full (or nearly) by the orchestra in London?
  11. Powell is answering questions on Instagram now. All chronological according to the film order except 1m8 and 1m9
  12. Oh I think you might be right actually. Looks we're not fully chronological there. Possibly.
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