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  1. The Digital Bits are reporting that the isolated score will be included on the upcoming 4K Blu-ray reissue! Link: https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/my-two-cents/021820-1330
  2. First time I saw it the projection was awful. Light-leaking, a smaller than average screen at the wrong aspect ratio leaving us with milky-grey black letterbox bars and an alarmingly phallic shadow down the centre of the screen. A few nights ago I saw it at the local Showcase De Lux cinema - far superior 4K projection and with Dolby Atmos sound. The main title still sounded surprisingly weak, though but I often find that with Star Wars in cinemas.
  3. Signed the petition. It certainly can't hurt our chances. I remain cautiously optimistic that a complete set will be on it's way to us.
  4. One of many absolutely stunning musical moments that didn't make the album or FYC! I'm in full agreement with others here in that a complete TROS release has jumped to the top of my grail list. I didn't expect that to happen so instantly!
  5. Amazing the little details you pick up on repeat plays. Listen to 1:18 - 1:22 of Prologue. That's Rey's theme, right?
  6. Picked up my copy at HMV today. Looks like standard CD packaging for the UK.
  7. Yes I always thought that and wondered if there was a reason for it. Anthem of Evil seemed even more clearly related to Rey when I first heard it.
  8. Agreed, it almost sounds like an alternate section for an end credit suite!
  9. Jonny Baby and Writing the Score "All the better composers died"- John Williams
  10. That sounds amazing @Pando! If I didn't know it was a mock-up I'm really not sure I would have noticed that it wasn't a really nicely done re-recording.
  11. Seemed to vary between £5 - £15 for most. They do a 2 for £10 deal on a lot of CDs. Things like the CRs were around £70.
  12. Hi all HMV have opened Europe's biggest entertainment store in Birmingham. I didn't even know this was happening until it opened on Friday... https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/oct/11/hmv-vault-europes-biggest-entertainment-store-birmingham I visited the new store yesterday and it was like stepping back to the glory days of HMV and physical media. Huge store - about 25,000sq ft apparently. It wasn't just big but stocks things that I've never seen on shelves before (all three LOTR Complete Recordings on CD and vinyl, expanded Star Trek soundtracks, Criteron boxsets etc). Also, apparently HMV is going to go back in to profit this year for the first time in years with a plan to open more stores in 2020. If anyone is around or visiting Birmingham I recommend giving The Vault a visit. The store and the concept behind it are a great statement against the decline of physical media and a show of confidence in the HMV brand and physical media as a whole. Maybe it still has some life in it!
  13. The inclusion of the Fox logo and fanfare seemed to get a strong reaction from the audience I saw it with. A nice surprise and I didn't even realise how much I'd missed hearing that music before the main title.
  14. It was outstanding! Really made we wish we had the film version of the Imperial March though. There are definitely differences in the orchestration during the scene after the probe droid is destroyed. They played that version again after the intermission. The orchestra was on absolute top form. I don't think I heard a bad note and their timing was impeccable.
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