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  1. Missed that post. But yes, the sound in that one is quite artificial. Missed that post. But yes, the sound in that one is quite artificial. Missed that post. But yes, the sound in that one is quite artificial. Missed that post. But yes, the sound in that one is quite artificial.
  2. I think that one has had a re-recording by the London Music Works (I think that's the name of the ensemble) on a Silva compilation.
  3. Can't vote. For me is a tie between the 2nd Violin Concerto and the Prelude and Scherzo.
  4. If memory serves, it was premiered at a Pops concert Prince Philip attended. He visited Boston while a regata was taking place, that being the main reason for his presence in town. "Aloft... to the Royal Masthead" was later performed that same year, as one of the three opening fanfares (usually performed by brass and percussion members of the TMC and Boston Symphony Orchestras) to Tanglewood on Parade.
  5. You can check Montgomery's Starbust (and a lot of other of her music) here: https://www.jessiemontgomery.com/works
  6. The Trumpet one has been already recorded, but the performance had some obvious issues (they are all live recordings) and it's the probable reason for no release so far. They also recorded the Oboe Concerto.
  7. Not a fan of Groban, but that is one fine accompanist
  8. All releases are re-recordings, none of them featuring Williams at the piano. The actual soundtrack recording is yet to be released (assuming tapes for that one still exist).
  9. Prospero Classical has its own online store ( https://prospero.8merch.com/ ) and I'll probably get it from there when it's available. Might not be cost efficient for overseas shipping though.
  10. There is a professional recording of the live premiere. Markus Hable used the cover for the release on the link posted by Jurassic Shark. Since this is being premiered with the Albany SO under David Alan Miller and he usually seems to record his comissions on Albany Records, I would surely hope for a recording of Prelude and Scherzo in the near future.
  11. For whatever reason, I think he'll let Nelsons conduct the premiere.
  12. The Boston Symphony anouced a shortned season with public for the 2021 season at Tanglewood. No schedule available yet, but Maestro Andris Nelsons will lead 8 of the BSO's expected concerts. Hope for the premiere of Williams' 2nd Violin Concerto is back
  13. Remembrances was meant to be the main theme for the score. I can't ever recall him saying that he went straight to write what we now know as the theme from Schindler's List. What he said in the past was the he intended Remembrances to be the main theme and Spielberg asked for something else. There was never proof that, at that point, the secondary theme for the Krakow Ghetto was already on paper or not when Spielberg requested for a different main theme.
  14. When you mentioned My Fair Lady I thought of the Previn arranged/conducted soundtrack. For the Shelly Manne album he was arranger and conductor. I believe we credited Williams on some of these recordings out of some of his own interviews were he would mention his days as a piano player at the studios. Sometimes memory plays tricks on us (or on Williams on these cases) and credited himself on the wrong sessions. He is indeed credited on several Mancini albuns from the late 50s and early 60's.
  15. André Previn in Hollywood and That's Gershwin were arranging/conducting gigs. My Fair Lady, can't recall by memory, but if he was there, it would have been as a session pianist. As for The Pink Panther, he is not credited as the pianist on the original album (probably Jimmy Rowles, again, going by memory). Please note Thor, I believe he decided to stop working as session pianist for film scoring after West Side Story. I'm sure he continued doing some session work for albums, though mostly arranging and conducting (for Mahalia Jackson, Pam Garner, Vic Damone and Fra
  16. While it's has been commonly accepted that Williams played on those two scores, that might not be the case... "Charade" was recorded in London, with local musicians. As for "Breakfast at Tiffanny's", Jimmy Rowles and Ray Sherman are credited on the Intrada release as the two session pianists. Also, it's around this time that Williams career as a composer was starting to take flight, and after the "West Side Story" sessions, it is said that he decided to quit doing session work as a pianist, which would make a 1963 film like "Charade" an unlikely event, even if recorded in L.A. which
  17. This has been always one of my favorite tracks on the album, and it was a joy to find even more of Alfred Burt charols on "Joy to the World", on a medley arranged by Sandy Courage titled "A Christmas Bouquet". I've always enjoyed the choral selections on this but I do remember reading some reviews from back then that weren't very positive, regarding the orchestra's performance. I can't be sure, but I believe it was pointed out that some of the material was new additions to the orchestra's repertoire and there was no sufficient time to properly rehearse it.
  18. Okeley Dokeley T (are we treating each other on first letter basis now? ) Keep us posted. I'll try to take some time over the next few days (read weeks) and finally start compiling recording dates where available.
  19. Got a reply from my friend who has all the vinyl releases of "The Johnny Ever Greens", plus the CD release. No dates in any of them, besides the ones I mentioned on the Fresh Sound 1986 vinyl issue (1958 and 1986).
  20. If you are sure he was in L.A. in January '56, he can be the piano guy in all of Funny Face. I just went very quickly over the booklet notes, but rights for the film were cleared only in early '56 and work would only start afterwards. I'll read it properly after dinner and will let you know. By the way, I should find time to be more around here and over at FSM. There's always interesting info to be found through posts by guys like you.
  21. This is what I was able to check from LPs and CDs: Year Recording Dates Main Artist Title Capacity Format and #cat CD Reissue info Observations 1957 Radio Recorders, Hollywood, July 5 and 23, 1956 Russell Garcia Listen To The Music Of Russell Garcia And His Orchestra pf
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