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  1. By the way, ahead of the concert, it was broadcast a live recording from 2018 of his Horn Concerto, with Radovan Vlatkovic and the Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony under Enrico Dindo.
  2. Concert can be heard here: https://www.abc.net.au/classic/programs/evenings/mso-an-evening-with-john-williams/13733832
  3. Yes, a shorter, edited down version was posted back at the time of the concerts. The video editor decided now to share the whole video.
  4. At first attempt I had that same problem, but it was due to my own bank's security system sending me the validation code for the payment in time. Actually, that had never happened before while paying with a card... Anyway, I retried a few minutes later and all went smoothly.
  5. Yes, I found out that as soon as the membership is added to the cart. I can see the available seats.
  6. Can anyone confirm if there are still tickets available for anyone who is a friend of the Musikverein?
  7. Unfortunately I won't be able to commit to this before later today. Depending how things go during the morning, and if there are still tickets available, I might try to get one.
  8. This were mostly recordings already available on previous releases plus some of the most recent scores (Stanley and Iris, Born on the 4th of July). At least a number of them were recorded in Japan. As for the actual disc, it's also one of the very few (out of over 3300) showing signs of degradation.
  9. Have no idea why there isn't a signature edition for this one. Williams does have sympathy for this particular work. He has conducted it on a few occasions and the performance Thor alludes to (Carl St. Clair with the Pacific Symphony) was at Williams own request.
  10. I have most of the issues, though only copies, as I found out about it after the end of the newsletter/society. I did try to contact Merluzeau but with no success. Besides some wonderful interviews and articles on Williams and company (I recall quite interesting interviews with the late Leslie Bricusse, Ken Wannberg and Bruce Broughton) there was a huge discography he was compiling, including all available knwon recordings and re-recordings of Williams' music.
  11. Leonard Slatkin comissioned it during is tenure with the National Symphony, for Battle, fresh from her collaboration with André Previn (excerpts of which are also part of the recital posted above). As the legend goes, Battle found it to difficult (apparently expecting some Hollywood like set of songs) and withdraw from premiering it. Three songs were performed with Haymon at an Evening at Pops concert and those were the ones on the PBS special. The whole cycle was premiered at Tanglewood and back then Williams said he was looking forward to both recording it and write more music to Rita Dove's poetry.
  12. The LP was released on CD twice. I own the Fresh Sound Records release titled "Lola Albright ‎– The Jazz Singer On The ‘Peter Gunn’ TV Series", that also includes the album "Lola Wants You" and some bonus tracks from TV recordings.
  13. Didn't Williams was with the NYP and Yo-Yo Ma in early October recording? I'm betting on a Sony release, having Ma involved.
  14. It wasn't a collaboration in the real sense of the word, after all Williams was in the orchestra playing for Stevens. Maybe I should rephrase it to the first connection between the two of them.
  15. The Blue Moon release is a quite nice one, including a CD of music from the films of James Dean and the DVD with the Robert Altman film.
  16. My CD has both Witches of Eastwick selections on a single track, but with an index for the CD players that managed that feature.
  17. Since this was directed by Robert Altman, one can even say this was their first collaboration (Williams and Altman later worked for television and they were very close to the point that Williams even scored a family movie. Naturally, their relation is more well remembered for Images and The Long Goodbye).
  18. You're right. I probably mixed it up due to the title of the concert. Thank you for correcting me
  19. I believe he guest conducted them on tour when Fiddler had to be replaced due to illness, when they had reached LA. His first appearance with the orchestra, after signing his first two year contract, was an off-season concert in January 1980 at Carnegie Hall.
  20. I'll move mountains to be in Milan. Terrible time, work wise, but what the hell, I'll find a way to attend.
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