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  1. You're understanding it wrong... I love Ravel and Mahler. Just last week I spent a whole afternoon leastening to Osawa's recordings of Ravel orchestral music with the BSO. And Mahler's 4th is one of my all time favorite symphonies. By the way, they also broadcasted Berlioz's Sinfonie Fantastique. I was just very sad not to listen to Williams conducting the BSO. This is one of my favoirte orchestras, and I would love to listen to some of this pieces performed by them.
  2. I've spent all of my early evening lestening to Ravel and Mahler (right now) but no live concert by Williams! What the hell is going on?
  3. We all have stories like this to tell... Just on the other day, my brother had this experience too. He is a higthly acomplished classical guitar player (and a huge fan of the other JW, the guitarist, but has a profund admiration by our JW), and was talking with a friend who his doing a master degre on composition and orchestration. This guy wants to write musical and film music, and them my brother, begins talking that I have this huge film music collection and even run a site about Mr Williams and all, and that Star Wars is one of the most famous, and finest film scores ever written... and then this guy fires away: "But Star Wars is so weak music!" My brother was wordless for a second. He just couldn't believe. Here was a guy who would love to make a living out of film composing and says something like this... next maybe he would trash Herrmann or Korngold or Rozsa... So my brother wakes up and gives the only possible answer: "So SW is very week music... OK, so you do it better!"
  4. I've a signed program but was a gift from a very dear friend. Nevertheless I've been toying with the idea of writting to Mr. Williams just to thank him for all the happines he brought to my life with his music... and as much I would love to have his autograph, or even maybe a few notes like the ones mentioned on the other topic, I would feel just happy to let him know how important to me his music is.
  5. Here you have a list of the themes from HP suite played by Williams and Clevland Orchestra a few days ago: Hedwig's Theme Diagon Alley Quidditch Harry's Wondrous World Gess it must have been the same suite
  6. This is most likely a jazz pianist with the same name, born (I believe) in the late 10's-early 20's. Williams father, John F. Williams, also known as Johnny "Man Drummer" Williams, was a orchestra percussionist and jazz drummer, not a pianist. And yes, by that time Williams was known as Johnny. His debut album dates from 1957 and was called "The John Towner Touch". It has never been released as cd.
  7. Outside the USA, Williams conducted the LSO while in London (he worked with the orchestra since 1971), and in Japan, on tour with The Boston Pops Orchestra/Boston Pops Esplanade Orchestra. I also wish he could came to Portugal someday... but guess it won't happen.
  8. Williams was married a first time with singer/actress Barbara Ruick. She passed away, of brain hemorrage in 1974. The Violin Concerto was sugested by her, shortly before she died, and Williams begun work on it, right after that. They were married for 18 years, and had 3 childrens: Jennifer (a doctor), Mark (a drummer/percussionist -- he worked in The Accidental Tourist) and Joseph (singer/composer -- worked with Toto on 2 albuns and with his father in The Fury and Return of the Jedi; also the voice of Simba on Lion King and scored some low budget films). Mrs Ruick can be seen on the film version of "Carousel" (were Williams worked as orchestrator), and his available on Sony a recording of Gershwin's "O'Kay", were she sings. In June 9, 1980, Williams married a second time, with Samantha Winslow, in Boston, a photographer and interior decorator, who he had first met in Hollywood a few years earlier.
  9. The Universal Logo Williams done was on the late 60's. He composed it when he wrote The Rare Breed (1966) (you can hear it on the begin of the suite recorded on a Silva Screen compilation). Ladd Company was composed in 1981 and Amblin Entertainment in 1982. As you know Dreamworks SKG dates from 1997. He also composed the logo music for Ilusion -- but I don't know a date for that. If anyone knows about a recording of this last one, please let me know.
  10. Williams recorded an album in '57 were he was called simply John Towner. By that time he was mostly known as Johnny, but it might be him. I remember reading somewhere he worked with Red Mitchell.
  11. Can anyone e-mail me the url where this can be downloaded? Thanks
  12. Slatkin did not recorded the Tuba Concerto in 1983! The main reason, because the work wasn't composed untill a year later, and was premiered in 1985 by Williams himself, with Chester Schmitz, as part of the Boston Pops Centenial celebration! What Slatkin did record, in 1981, and release as lp in 1983, by Varese Sarabande, was the Violin Concerto and Flute Concerto. Slatkin did played many music by Williams in concert, but other than these two concert works, he only recorded the Imperial March for RCA, on a all march album.
  13. You're very welcome. If you have any aditional question, just ask. I can also help if you're looking for some of these rare discs.
  14. One of my favorite concert works cd's... TreeSong is very beautiful, with is long melodies on the first and third movements. The Violin Concerto is a little diferent from the original version, recorded by Slatkin on Varese (long out of print) -- but a very interesting work with shades from Williams favorite masters. As for Three Pieces from Schindler's List, this one is my favorite recording... There's something on Shaham's playing that make's it special, at least for me. So I guess this mean, on my humble opinion, that you should really get this one!
  15. Regarding Flshing Spikes, I was told that this was in fact a Alcoa Theatre episode. Can this be confirmed?
  16. The General Electric Theatre must have happened later in Williams carrer. I know that several sources give this date, but at the time Williams was at the army. The show run for several years, so my guess is that Williams worked on it in the late 50's or early 60's
  17. Just take a look at my site, the John Williams home page in Portuguese. Go to the "Discografia" section, and there you'll find all the entries for Williams work as performer/arranger and composer (concert works/TV/Movies). I'll be updating it soon, with a lot of aditional entries.
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