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  1. There was one on youtube, but can't find it anymore...
  2. If memory serves, the Love Theme track is used when Marlowe is talking with Mrs. Wade and she kinds of flirts with him.
  3. This is one of my favourite Williams scores. Such a wonderful addition. Looking forward to listen to the Saturday broadcast.
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTr8lZaAiE4/ I think the link should point to the instagram post @WilliamsStarShip2282 mentioned. This will mark the first commercial recording of Williams leading the NY Philharmonic. Previous to this, only the Theme from Schindler List, as recorded in concert back in 2006 was available on disc.
  5. Yeah, it was something like that during the live stream. I imagine there must have been some connection issue while upstreaming to vimeo.
  6. At 5 am I was lucky I was able to even write a similar word I haven't checked the on-demand file, but the live broadcast did have a few hiccups
  7. That's probably a revision of his earlier arrangement for Harrel and Brewer that Williams conducted in 2012 for the Heartbeeps project. As for mask use... most old people around here do exactly the same, must be an age thing It's already available on demand.
  8. Wonderful concert. Loved the inclusion of Previn's Vocalise.
  9. From what I posted at the discography thread:
  10. Yes. Such a picture would be great. By the way, I've been told a recording of the radio broadcast of the 1984 concert exists as a bootleg, but I've never been able to locate it.
  11. @Junion Where you already aware of this? This entry is quite interesting... The Williams/Sinatra connection gets larger: Early years in NYC - Young Johnny attends radio broadcast where his father works as percussionist with Sinatra singing; 1958 - Williams plays on a few of the songs for "Only The Lonely" album; 1965 - Williams scores "None But the Brave", the only film Sinatra directed; 1973 - Sinatra records Williams' song "Dream Away" for his "Old Blue Eyes Back" album; 1970's - Williams and the Bergmans work on a 4-song cycle for Sinatra, which he ended never performing. Only surviving song is "The Same Hello, The Same Goodbye"; 1984 - "Sinatra and Company", Williams conducts members of the NY Phil in a gala with Sinatra, Pavarotti and more; 1993- "Night and Day: Boston Pops Celebrate Sinatra" released. I think I'm missing something, but can't remember what... Also, I think Williams did conduct for Sinatra at the Hollywood Bowl once, but can't recall the source of that. Now, there is an interesting story, that I've always though might have something to do with Sinatra. Back in the early 90's, Williams mentioned in several interviews he was trying to bring to the Pops this great celebrity, but things never materialized. He went to the point of saying, sometime in late '93 or early '94, that doing "Schindler's List" in Boston with Perlman, was kind of a consolation prize for being unable to bring this always unmentioned guest to Boston. Anyway, in the back of my head I've always wondered if he was referring to Frank Sinatra.
  12. Yes, that was what I thought. By the way, while browsing Discogs, found out a Williams credit on Sinatra's "Sings Only For the Lonely": https://www.discogs.com/Frank-Sinatra-Frank-Sinatra-Sings-For-Only-The-Lonely/release/12770175 I went through all the data on that page, and I'm totally convinced this is indeed (our) John Towner Williams, and not the other John T. Williams. I'll be getting this recording soon (actually, might have some of the tracks on a Sinatra compilation).
  13. Yeah, of course, and we all heard the stories about Brahms going back to his symphonie's scores making little modifications... As Thor said, there is no printed score release of the whole Unfinished/American Journey music. You're best shot is contacting Williams' representatives in the hope they might lend it to you, but usually they request proof of an upcoming performance, for this scores that remain unpublished.
  14. Finally got a copy of the 1990 CD reissue of this one. It includes credits for most performers (flute on the Marty Paich sessions is credited to unknown, though on the discography you linked to, the flute player was Herbie Mann :p ) but as far as piano, Paich himself is credited... actually twice! One just as Marty Paich (p) and a couple of entries later Marty Paich (p. arr). Neither Williams nor Rowles are listed as pianists on the Marty Paich Orchestra set of songs. But since the credits are obviously incomplete on the CD, I'm inclined to trust on the info from the link you provided earlier.
  15. The bootleg used the audio from a Japanese television broadcast celebrating Ozawa's birthday, with the great Mtislav Rostropovich conducting the Williams piece. It was great as it ended with everybody actually singing Happy Birthday to Seiji. A few years ago a decent transfer of the video appeared on youtube but the poster as since then deleted all his content.
  16. Yes, there was a live performance with the Boston Pops at Tanglewood, I believe from 2016 or 17. Prior to that, there was an earlier revision performed at a Chicago SO concert.
  17. If memory serves, the orchestral version has been at least revised twice since the recording on "American Journey".
  18. I was only aware of the large box set. Thank you for the additional information
  19. @Ricard I was able to have a quick visit to the store and it was amazing. I felt like it was the 90s again with huge record stores you could spend hours at. I wish I could have spent more time there, though my wallet appreciate it was just a quick visit 😂
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