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  1. Thank you @Ricard That's just 1.6 km away from where I'll be staying, so it might just work out for me. I wish I had some free time to meet you or other people from here, but we have such a tight schedule, plus I'm kind of responsible for the rest of the group, that won't allow me great personal freedom.
  2. I collect both vinyl and CD. Most of the later than the former, though
  3. It's all very tight and I'm kind of fixed with my group. I'll be lucky to be able to enter in any store at all... But wanted to know, just in case there is something around the place I'm staying.
  4. I'll be a few days in Barcelona in work. Not likely to be able meet anyone from here, due to a busy schedule and going with a group of colleagues. Still, I hope, that in the little free time I might have, to check a few places, and if possible, some record stores. Does anyone know of any in central Barcelona that have good selections of classical music and soundtracks?
  5. Funny, I feel "Tributes: For Seiji" as a quite festive and fun work. But we've talked before as I'm much more welcome to some sort of more out there, atonal, darker, whatever, than you are
  6. Regarding Sound the Bells, here's the only commercial recording of the original version: Lately, whenever a band version is performed, the arrangement by Paul Lavender, based on the full orchestra version, is used: @Thor I'm amazed you find "Aloft... to the Royal Masthead!" Asian tinted... Never heard it. To me, it brings me to my mind a lot of British composers. "Tributes, For Seiji" certainly isn't meant to sound Japanese, despite of being dedicated to Ozawa's 25th anniversary with the BSO. Williams seemed more interested in describing the orchestra itself.
  7. Thanks for the tip. I supposed that would be the case. The work is due to recording with the Albany Symphony, under David Alan Miller right after the American premiere. My guess is that, as with most of the Albany Symphony recordings, this one will be out on Albany records.
  8. That's not a link to buy the live recording, but a recording of the piece. CRB has worked that way for ages with their playlists. Haven't had the time to compare, but by experience, the live stream is usually better.
  9. This particular announcer has been doing this kind of errors since forever... for a while he kept saying that Williams first film score was Sugarland Express. And this went for a few seasons, whenever they were playing some excerpts for Spielberg films.
  10. @Jay As I mentioned on another thread, the Men of Yorktown March is likely taken from the Lockhart album, just to make last the whole radio show the two usual hours instead of the somewhat shortened concert.
  11. If this was to be broadcast at some point would be on Catalunya Ràdio. I've been checking it daily, but no luck so far. Back in June, over at Facebook, I asked Gloria Cheng if the concert was due to broadcast but she never replied...
  12. 1983-11-26 & 27: Williams conducts the Buffalo Philharmonic on his own Flute Concerto with soloist Carol Wincenc plus Walton's Johannesburg Festival Overture, Tippet's Suite in D and Holst's The Planets.
  13. Probably copied from the upcoming broadcast program that will likely include selections from the Lockhart album.
  14. Yeah, Dick Hyman, a wonderful pianist too, wrote that amazing arrangement of Sing, Sing, Sing! If memory serves, Tunick wrote most of the arrangements for the Gershwin Fantasy album, right?
  15. If I find someone or some institution willing to get the collection, awesome. Otherwise, it will be something my kids will have to deal with. They are aware that some of this stuff is rather valuable, and I don't really think they would just drop it on a thrift store for a quick buck. Most likely, if they don't find in them the will to keep it growing, due to different interests, I imagine they would looks for someone who would.
  16. Most of the arrangements weren't done by Williams himself. In this particular case, it was by Joe Reisman.
  17. It was also one of the three opening fanfares for that year's Tanglewood on Parade.
  18. The piece was performed but a few times, in LA and later at Tanglewood. While the recorded version is credited to the Bohemian Orchestra, I wouldn't be surprised if this was a recording of WGBH broadcast of the Tanglewood performance. Titles of the movements on the CD/mp3 release do no match the ones on the Tanglewood program book, by the way. The producer of this poorly (to put it nicely) sounding recording did post on this boards ages ago, when this first surfaced, and was very protective of his release. There was also a Clarinet and Piano reduction of the final movement available on iTunes.
  19. The video came originally and exclusively with the book of the same name. Williams was one the featured artists photographed and interviewed by Andrew Zuckerman.
  20. I believe it was first performed at an Oscars concert, Williams conducting. Deneve conducted it with the São Paulo Symphony in 2017 or 18.
  21. Actually, Richard Hayman was already a chief arranger for the Pops during the late Fiedler years.
  22. In this case it's a piano. It's even mentioned in the liner notes as being the track where Williams accompanies Norman from the piano.
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