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  1. It was greatly exaggerated for the Making Of VHS tape to add some drama.
  2. There's no way PT's stop motion was ever seriously going to be used in JP. Dennis Muren knew what they had at the time, GL knew, Spielberg knew, otherwise the movie wouldn't have gone into production. I'm sure his work was valuable as a reference for animators and as basically animatics, but it was never seriously considered. I'll never buy it.
  3. He didn't move like that for the rest of ANH including when he fought Obi-Wan. If Rogue One Vader fought Sir Alec, he'd have been immediately killed and he also would have killed everyone else before they reached the Falcon.
  4. From Star Wars to Jedi, the fascinating saga behind the saga will make your video library complete. They're unlike anything in our galaxy.
  5. I may have gone too far in a few places
  6. I saw that movie with my old man on opening weekend and the bit where he tosses the young John Dutton out of the house got a big reaction. It's a weird fucken movie.
  7. Plus they covered Ghostbusters II. Fuck, I didn't mean to make a new page.
  8. See, I thought Tippett brought it down ever so slightly, but I've found him just a ridiculous guy since he was featured in the JP documentaries over the years. The notion that his completely fake looking stop motion was going to be featured in JP at any point is simply ludicrous. I've always thought even since I was a kid that this story was totally fabricated for The Making of Jurassic Park.
  9. I met JW many years ago when I was a young man outside Boston Symphony Hall, a wretched hive of scum and villainy. From my original collection, now lost to time like tears in the rain, I got the Superman FSM box set and Minority Report OST autographed. He was a very nice man and even spoke to me after a security guard escorting him motioned to me while he was being hounded and mentioned I'd been waiting. He signed the Superman set with a silver Sharpie and said "I think it shows up." This crude photo was taken with a very shitty flip phone camera but you can very clearly make us both out despite the awful quality. *These no longer exist
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