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  1. Gruesome Son of a Bitch      Brock Lovett

  2. Dieter Stark      Gruesome Son of a Bitch

  3. Ghostbusters II      Dieter Stark

  4. Horner's Dynamic Range      Ghostbusters II

  5. Batman's Diet Coke      Horner's Dynamic Range

  6. Philippe Roaché      Batman's Diet Coke

  7. The Doctor      Philippe Roaché

  8. Evil-Lyn      The Doctor

  9. Selina Kyle      Evil-Lyn

  10. Rose Dawson      Selina Kyle

  11. Selina Kyle      Rose Dawson

  12. Nick Tatopoulos's Beret      Selina Kyle

  13. E.T. and Elliot      Nick Tatopoulos's Beret

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